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Found 2 results

  1. I'm a college student and currently rocking a 2003 Acura cl type-s with a 6 speed. I'm a huge wagon fan and I want a fast wagon for my next car (which will probably be in 3-6 years from now), but I'm not quite sure what I want to get. For the past little while, I've been really liking the Volvo V70R because of its 300 hp turbocharged inline 5 with awd and it looks pretty cool, but I'm wondering if there are any better and possibly newer/easier to find options out there that I should consider. My budget will be probably around 10 grand, but I'll consider anything under $15k depending on what it is. I've also looked into a saab 9-3x wagon but they're incredibly hard to find and I think it's a little underpowered for what I want. Here's some of the criteria that are important: - under $15k - able to find them with under 150k miles (preferably under 100k but as long as they'll last another 70-100k miles it's not a big deal) - awd (preferably) or at least rwd - ideally available in a manual trans but not required - fairly reliable - 2004 or newer (the newer the better) - fast and actually fun to drive - cool looking I like to do as much research as I can on cars before I choose what I want because I wanna get the best car for my money so I like to have all the options I can. Any insight is welcome, thanks!
  2. Hi i just turned 16 and have started to look at cars to buy. My budget is up to 8k. Two cars i have been interested in are the Pontiac Vibe and the Toyota Matrix. I have done some research and know that they are practically the same (toyota made a deal with pontiac and made the same car) but found two similar deals in my area of residence and cant decide between the two. Heres the link for the Pontiac :http://denver.craigs...2802330271.html. If the link doesn't work then this is what the description says: 2007 Pontiac Vibe, 71,000 miles. Exact same car as the Toyota Matrix. You can expect the reliability of a Toyota. This is a solid car, great brand. Automatic Transmission. Four door. Hatchback liftgate with separate liftglass Large carrying capacity - great for hauling bikes, skis, strollers... Seats in back fold flat, great for car camping - you could even make a bed back there. Air Conditioning, Dual Air Bags, Roof Rack, Sun Roof The front console has a handy 115V plug outlet (that is like a two prong wall outlet). Front wheel drive. New wipers. Tires recently balanced and rotated. Recent oil change. Cautions: Windows and locks are manual; CD player doesn't work (radio does), no back wiper. This car doesn't have bells and whistles but it has a reliable brand. -$6900 The Toyota Matrix i found said its a 2003 matrix xr automatic transmission with 60,000 miles and has a sun roof also. The seller is asking for $7900 but im pretty sure i could bargain him down to $7500. My main delima is that the pontiac is four years newer, a bit cheaper, but has 10,000 more miles and does not have a working cd player (cheap to fix), has manual windows and locks, and has no back wiper. Both cars are in good running condition and seem to have been taken care of well. If anyone knows anything or might have some advice, please comment. Thanks.
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