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Found 5 results

  1. HI, I'm trying to demonstrate the performance increase that can be obtained by using nitinol vibration dampers. Our research group believes that by using nitinol as a vibration damper, vibrations can be reduced or eliminated from the wheels, axle components, engine, transmission, and drive shaft. For this reason, we're looking for highly competitive drivers who are interested in partaking in a research project to see how much performance can be gained by using nitinol in these applications. If you're interested, please let me know so I can send you more information. We have conducted numerous research projects with customers around the globe, eliminating vibrations from all sorts of products. The huge advantage that nitinol has over other vibration dampers is that it is structurally as strong as titanium. This allows us to put it into high strength applications and keep everything from moving around. For an explanation of what nitinol is: www.KelloggsResearchLabs.com Joe
  2. I have a 2002 Acura rsx type s, I’ve noticed my car/engine has started vibrating a lot more while at idle. Was wondering if anyone had that same issue, whether it’s the engine mounts or something else idk.
  3. I have a 2012 Cadillac SRX with approx. 85,000 miles. it has recently had the service rear axle come on the dash intermittently. Also I noticed that approx every 7/10 of a mile while driving down the road, the rear end vibrates for about a second and stops. Need help with this. This is my in-law's car and they cannot afford to get it fixed so I am trying to help them. Please any help is appreciated.
  4. Hello All, I'm facing steering wheel vibrations when I go past 120KMPH. Can someone please tell me what's causing the problem? The car (steering) vibrates on the following two occasions. i. When I go in high speed and then continue to press the gas ii. When I go in high speed and apply brake (it's shaking really bad) Just wanted to give a little background to see if any of these things can relate to the problem. #1- I resurfaced my front rotors couple of months back and put new brake pads. And the steering wheel pump was making a squeaking noise which was also fixed by the mechanic back then. After couple of weeks, the ABS lighted turned on itself and there's this vibrating sound (like two metals are in contact) when I applied brake. The steering wheel made some weird noises in slow turns as well. So, I took the car to a different mechanic who changed one of the ABS sensors and I was told that the steering wheel noise while turning in slow speed was due to a loosen nut. As for the noise that came in when I applied brake, it disappeared on its own. I'm still not sure that vibrating sound was due to ABS failure or something that's still lurking!. #2 - I changed all my four tyres couple of weeks back after spotting dry rots in my old Michelin in just under 30K KMs of use. The fitting and alignment was done by the vendor. I'm currently clueless as to what's causing my car/steering wheel to vibrate in high speeds especially when I apply brakes. I would much appreciate your help in understanding the problem and whether it's an indication of any costly repair. Thank you so much for the help!
  5. I drive a 2013 Chrysler 200 s (6cyl) with 87k. Purchased the vehicle with 24k on it. I did front & rear breaks within the last 6 months, rotors looked good when it was checked with a dial indicator. I also purchased Cooper tires 4 months ago and all are well balanced at around 34psi. The issue I'm having is the vehicle tends to vibrate/shake when stopping from a high speed I live in the mountains and notice when I'm coming down the mountain it shakes terribly when slowing down and stopping, also when driving on the highway I can feel a "shake" somewhere in the front. I travel tons, and I'm getting concerned about me and my childs safety. I took the vehicle in to be looked at and the mechanic said the breaks needed to be "lubed?" ...... it didn't fix the issue and cost me a arm and leg. Any advice would surely be appreciated. Also while I'm here and asking for advice the car will heat up like normal but if I turn my heat on, it will not blow hot out of the passanger side, but will blow hot out of the drivers side temporarily. My temp gauge will fuen drop down to about a quarter of the way if I turn my heat all the way up. I do not have dual climate control. Could this be the dexcool possible sludged up?
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