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Found 4 results

  1. This week, we had a chance to test-drive 2020 Genesis G90 5.0 V8 with HTRAC. Compared to 3.3T version, this V8 makes lovely and louder noise. With smooth shifting 8 speed automatic and HTRAC it feels quite sporty. Sound by 2019 Genesis G90 -5.0 V8 - 425hp (6,000rpm) / 383 lb.ft of torque (53.0kg.m) (5,000rpm) -204.9x75.4x58.9x124.4 -0-60 accel: 5.9 sec. -06-0 braking: 115.1 ft. Competition: Mercedes Benz S-class, BMW7Series, Audi A8 https://youtu.be/zLydW0agtmo
  2. I'm 18 and I've only had 1 manual. It was a 2003 dodge stratus r/t. 5 speed. I'm looking at this 2005 Pontiac gto 6speed manual. I'm wondering if there is any difference between driving a v6 and v8 manual. (Except the obvious doubled horsepower, and extra gear.) Will it need shifting early or more time to shift? I just want to to know if I'm going to have to re-learn anything
  3. I just went out and bought a 3 gauge cluster, water temp, oil pressure, and volt meter, my first question is on the oil pressure gauge, if i tap into my oil pressure switch with a T adapter for the oil line will it rob pressure from the switch? Second, how would be the best way to tap into the water temp? and third, how is the best way to tap into the volts? i dont want to do any drilling on the block or anything permanent. Thanks for all reply's in advance!
  4. For my 17th birthday, my dad bought me an xf falcon, together we did some work on it to get it road legal, changed brakes, oils, filters, spark plugs, leads ect. over the last year i've been thinking and i really want to make a home project out of it. Im after some idea's about how to change the look of it but most importantly, the performance! at the moment the 250 cubic inch engine is doing the job to get me around town, but im really keen to drop a new engine in there, either a BA twin cam turbo, or a 351 clevland. i would need some help in finding out which will be easier, the costs to run and buy the engines and of some simple paint and interior schemes. i have attached a photo of the XF as i got it given to me. since then, some ruse has come up on the bonnet (looking for a new one at the moment which will be resprayed) the boot (already changed to a new rust free one) and the roof. thankyou for helping
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