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Found 11 results

  1. Hi, I'm new to car buying and am planning to purchase my first vehicle (used Volvo) in the next couple of months. I have done some research and generally, it seems that paying cash for a car is a bad idea when buying from a dealership, as it can drive the prices up since you aren't paying the extra from financing. However, I am strictly looking to buy a used vehicle, and wanted to know if offering to pay cash to a dealership (instead of financing) would give me any advantage in the price negotiation?
  2. I am seeking advice and recommendations in my search for new (used) car that will fit my comute to my new job. I will be driving about 75 miles each way making it about 750 miles per week (mainly highway). I have a budget of about $7000. Is there any affordable and reliable brands/models that you guys can recommend I should be looking for? I’d much appreciate the help!
  3. I live in Poland, my budget is 10-13.5k $ for a used car up to 5 years old that has a good powerful engine, looks slick from outside, has a rich interior, tablet/heated seats/good AC/leather steering wheel, has decent milage-up to 100km driven, SUV or Sedan but doesn't eat up too much petrol. My choice so far are these: 1. Citroen C4 Cactus 2018 petrol 82hp 1,2 engine (30k km driven) - 10000$ 2. Hyundai i30 2016 I think 120hp not sure what enging (50k km driven)- 10000$ 3. Volvo V40 within the 8-13k price range so 5 years or older, better to go for diesel or petrol? 4.Fiat Tipo sedan or hatchback 2019 engine 1,4 95hp petrol - 12600$ 5. Opel Crossland X 2018 1,2 engine 82hp petrol (20k km driven) -12600$ 6. Mazda 3 or 6 within the budget Any other suggestions? Should I remove some cars off this list? Have you had any good or bad experience with these models? Any advice is greatly appreciated!
  4. Hi, I’m looking to buy a first car. I have around 3000 max and am looking for help choosing between these cars. A 06-09 Malibu, 2007-2009 Saturn aura, and a 06-08 cobalt. They all have around 110,000-130,000 miles (besides cobalts with around 70,000-90,000 miles)
  5. Hi: My wife and I are both senior citizens and need to buy a good reliable "local" car. Now, I found a few decent looking/condition cars in our area, sold by individuals. My wife said she has more confidence doing business with a dealer. Now, the problem with that is this. The last time we bought a used car from a dealer, we ended up paying 2000 dollars for a new transmission 12 months later. The price, a year previously, was 5000 dollars. So, we spent 7000 dollars, essentially, for that car. My question is this. How can you know who to trust, when buying a used car?
  6. So, I have a non-running (due to diesel fuel) 2004 Acura MDX and I am trying to sell it starting at 800. It has a new battery (don't have the details yet) and is in pretty decent shape, but I have never listed a used/non-running car for sale on CraigsList. Was just wondering if anyone here who's experienced in selling used cars could look over the ad I drafted up and let me know what to add. Or what not to include, etc.? Thanks! Are there any details I'm leaving out?
  7. I'm buying my first car soon and I've been looking at different cars that were in the price range of $5,000 or less. Now I'm looking for other people's opinions for which cars, used of course, are trustworthy cars and fast too but still look nice. I've looked at many cars so far and I've been checking the years too so that I can check which years are bad and have many problems and which years are better so that's still an important factor. Thank you to all!
  8. Hey everyone I'm relatively new to the topic of buying cars and I'm trying to do so on a budget, so I'm trying to find a deal buying a used car. My rents had a Toyota so I'm trying to stick with what I know. Anyway from my research I've understood that important things to consider are mileage, clean title, scratches/dents, and numbers of owners as the most important factors. From that I've found two listings that seem to have all the necessities: http://miami.craigsl...4689396152.html and from ebay http://www.ebay.com/...984.m1555.l2649 My questions are Do these listings look good? I mostly just need a nice car that will get me from A to B that is safe. Did I forget anything important to look at? Which looks like the better deal and how much should I be willing to bid on the second listing? BTW, I'll be moving Boston for my new job, so I'd be driving the cars up there.
  9. Is it that time to buy a car? We got you covered! Check out our website http://www.wndauto.net/ and facebook
  10. Buying an used car is so often becoming a trend. before buying the car we must care valuate the price of the car such that it can be buyed for the actual networth. so used car valuation can be done using expert who is well experienced it.
  11. My American options to buy are; 2009 Pontiac Solstice Coupe (mixed feelings) 2007 Chrysler Crossfire SRT-6 My Foreign makes are; 2007/8 Nissan 350Z 2006 Honda S2000 (hard top) If you can, please tell me anything you know about these cars. I've been looking into all of them, and of course they all have their pros and cons. Some more cons than others and vice versa. And if you have any other car suggestions, feel free to tell me. I'm currently only interested in coupes/sports cars!
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