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Found 5 results

  1. Hey, I'm new here (both the site and only a few years into the car scene), I get confused with what sites to buy parts from, I don't live in the USA, and every site or store i look up is located in the USA which in return kinda makes the shipping fees expensive, not much of a problem i think, depends on the item and it's price, the thing is i can't seem to find a good website with good prices and trustworthy to buy from, i don't wanna put a bad part into my engine or my car generally, I still am doing research before i do anything to make sure i get good parts for a reasonable price that would help my car be faster, so for all the tuners and modders who don't live in the USA (especially in Egypt and/or middle east), any suggestions on where to buy good car parts from?
  2. Converting your vehicle to wheel studs and lug nuts is a simple but highly effective work that can be completed in a few hours. Stud conversion offers an easier wheel mounting method, no more holding wheels a long time to align the bolts holes repeatedly, no more threading wheel hangers in and out which can be troublesome, no more worrying about scratching the brake calipers. Find more details from the passage. https://www.bonoss.com/portfolio-items/installation-case-wheel-stud-conversion-kit-on-bmw-5-series-f10-cai After install the stud conversion, the wheels are attractive and easier to change. https://youtu.be/LPczV1U7NKw A good choice for Audi owner but it's expensive and up to yourself.
  3. If you have a Bentley Flying Spur, will you tuning it? Install something which you like. For example install the wheel spacers, wheel bolts, https://youtu.be/hrqdAyAjeUQ Make it into a video to memorize it. I buy the kits form the http://www.bonoss.com
  4. I've been looking around at different sites and claimed outputs for different tunes for my vehicle. Anyone have the same car as me or ca recommend a good tune for my vehicle?? I am staying away from the in-line tuning boxes as I have had it explained how they work and how a specialist tune is better for the car and I would get better results... Anyones experiences please??
  5. Hi everyone, My friends and I are building a website that helps people track their modifications and race settings done on their cars. I know most people keep track of these info already but it's not always organized and systematic. We hope that our site can improve this situation and create a new way for car enthuasists to keep track of their work and share/connect with others. It's still work in progress but I want to spread the word and get some feedback. I've attached some screenshots below (a sign in, login page, a preview of the car's profile and a page where you input your car's information) let me know what you think! Hope you guys like it. Like on facebook @ https://www.facebook.com/specforcars Thank you! Cheers, Alex
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