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Found 36 results

  1. So guys i need help Recently i bought a used 1998 toyota camry low milage great gas saver but there's this thing bugging me it has this ani theft system that idk if it's intalled or not because there's no flashing light or anything i have the key fob that came with it as well, i want to know how to check if its installed or not and what to check for to see if i have one installed.
  2. Hello car lovers! I would like to share my hobby with you. I create realistic beautiful drawings of cars. If you want I can create for you custom car drawing.
  3. My son's 2007 Toyota Camry is having problems. The words brake and abs light up and both speedometers and the temperature gauge stop working. The rest of the dashboard is still working and lights up still. The ac also shuts off when this happens. This problems stops and starts randomly. The car runs fine. I thought it might be a blown fuse but a blown fuse would shut the whole dashboard off I would think. Any ideas of what could be wrong?
  4. I drive a lexus rx 300 1999 SUV with 160000 miles..when it was purchased there was always a transmission sensor problem but it has driven well until recently. Last December it started to buck while in drive and this week it happened again after driving for 20 minutes. It felt so bad on the car I had it towed to the mechanic. The tow guy put the car in neutral and I picked the car back up the following day. I was told the reverse was gone but I would be able to use other gears. The mechanic also drained fuilds out and refilled. The engine runs good and I checked the transmission fluid level before pulling off. It indicated a pink color and on the cool line. When I pulled off the tires did seem to rub a little. I reached 3 blocks with no bucking before the car just stop moving. None of the gears responded. I remember hearing crackle and loose sounds on and off while driving the 3 blocks. I called for a tow truck and when he tried putting the car in neutral it did not respond. He tried going forward and the car drove backwards as well. He said my transmission locked and it will not be possible to tow. With effort we were able to tow home. Is this common?????? Did my transmission just randomly fail?? What are the indication of a failing transmission ?
  5. Selling reliable and dependable 2012 SE Toyota Camry in perfect working condition. Carfax report available.
  6. Hello There, m looking for SUV and SEDAN in market . reason for SUV - need big family car. reason for sedan-desperately want to drive Mercedes Benz :P .i knows all pros and cons :( (i have Honda civic 2014 in my garage now ) my initial choice for SUV was Highlander XLE .all research and deal checks are completed. and sedan - m thinking Mercedes Benz C300 . after thinking and looking at budget constraints .rather than going for 2 separate cars, thought to buy benz GLC300 so in one shot i get SUV +Benz. what do you think guys ? is GLC300 is good car to go for lease ? or i stick to 2 car option? budget wise is there any other option?. i really dont want to go above $700/month for 2 cars and $470/month if only one car to buy .(Mercedes Benz is must in either or scenario :( ) Highlander XLE is good choice to buy but then my budget will go high as I have to also buy sedan
  7. Cars - Toyota Supra or as known in Europe as GR Subra arrived to the old continent and presented in Japan, America and the Middle East, the company revealed more pictures of the sport car that returned to life again and all the details of the European version of it. The vehicle imparts its parts to the BMW Z4, with the two models being created at the Graz manufacturing plant in Austria, yet Vosopra is very not quite the same as its German sister and subsequently has a totally autonomous character, giving incredible ride solace and great driving. The vehicle accompanies a 3-liter 3-liter 3-liter V6 motor, a 500-nm torque and a 8-speed ZF programmed transmission, the main choice for the European market that did not get the 2-liter 4-barrel turbocharger. Read full topic
  8. So I’m interested in a Chevy Colorado but hesitant to pull the trigger because of resale and reliability. Any thoughts? Good or bad?
  9. Hello, I have searched the internet for literally days on end trying to find out 2 things: 1: is it illegal to gut a car 2: how much of an increase does gutting a car make? before you jump to conclusions, I am perfectly fine without heaters, a/c, radio equipment, etc. I also plan to do some mods but that’s still 2 years from now, so I’m wondering would gutting the car FULLY make any difference
  10. I have a 2008 toyota corolla s 5-speed manual transmission and my idle speed is too low when waiting in traffic and it has been low enough to kill the car, So i need to know how to change that but also the knock sensor location I cant find.
  11. Hi all, I have a 2007 Toyota Rav4 which I recently took to Discount Tire to have new tires put on. I decided to replace all 4 tires after I got a flat tire (rear right). I used the car jack that came with the car to lift it and put on the spare tire, then had the new tires put on a week later at the Discount Tire store. I made the mistake of not inspecting everything after I left the shop, but now a week or so later, I noticed the metal runner on the frame (not sure what this is called), is severely bent outwards (see pic...that piece is supposed to be vertical and is now bent out completely horizontal). This is the same area where I used my car jack to put on my spare tire, however I used the pinch welds, which you can see on the far right of the picture. The pinch welds are not where the damage was done (that part is still vertical), which leads me to believe that it couldn't have been me that caused the damage when I lifted it to put on the spare. That, plus it seems hard to believe I wouldn't have noticed this damage happen in real time when I put on the spare. I'm not sure exactly what they used to lift the car at the stop either. Who's to blame here?
  12. According to foreign media reports, French car registrations fell by 15% in December due to a "Yew" protest against French President Emmanuel Macron's economic policies. In December, sales of luxury cars were more pronounced as anti-government activities spread throughout France. When the demonstrations took place on Saturday, the protests led to a 16% drop in retail sales. Because distributors in the French suburbs gathered near traffic circles and shopping malls, protestors blocked traffic and potential consumers preferred to stay at home, which affected car dealers. Porsche's sales in France fell 73% in December, Alfa Romeo's 51% and Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz's 39%, 31% and 22% respectively. Sales of Nissan and Jeep brands in France also performed poorly in December, with sales falling by 57% and 45%, respectively. The French Automobile Industry Association (CCFA) said Toyota's new car sales fell 15% to 165,390 units. December has 20 sales days, the same as December 2017. As a auto parts supplier, Chongqing Feilong Jiangli will keep up-to-date information on new information and new energy industries.
  13. Ford, Toyota, BMW, Subaru, Volvo, Honda and Mercedes-Benz are planning routine shutdowns at their factories, including those in the United States that started after December 21 and are expected to resume production on 2nd,January. Nissan will follow a similar shutdown schedule, but will resume production on 3rd,January. The additional shutdown period of Lansing Grand River Plant will prepare for the new production shift model starting in mid-January. People familiar with the situation said that the Lansing Grand River plant has had two production shifts and plans to cancel one. Although the assembly line operates faster, the body and spray painting will continue to maintain two production shifts. The Lansing plant employs about 1,900 people and has stopped producing ATS cars since June. Production of Cadillac CTS is expected to end in the near future with the commissioning of CT5. Chevrolet Cormelo's sales showed a double-digit decline in 2018. The situation of the whole international automobile industry is not good, leading to the closure or shutdown of most automobile factories. As the largest pump manufacturer in China, Xixia Water Pump and its pump production subsidiary also bear certain pressure. But we have a large customer base and are not affected by it as a whole.
  14. Hyundai Motor Co. and affiliate Kia Motors Corp said they will spend $3.1 billion in the US in the next five years, joining other vehicle manufacturers in announcing investment plans amid threats from President-elect Donald Trump of higher levies on auto imports from Mexico.
  15. Toyota ends six-year shareholding with Tesla Motors. Toyota revealed it had sold its entire stake in Tesla, as the two car makers abandoned plans to jointly develop electric cars. Japan’s biggest car maker bought a 3% stake in Tesla Motors for $50 million (£39m) in May 2010. It is believed to have made around 10 times that - £373m - by selling its remaining shares late last year. Source news: CarMagazine
  16. Hi, I'm trying to decide for a car to lease in Saudi Arabia (very hot weather) between two cars for a three years lease. It's between the 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Over Land, or the 2013 Toyota Land Cruiser GXR3, MR, V8, 4x4, AT. Gas price is not a concern, and I may use the car for offroading once in a while in the desert. No family so size isn't an issue too. So I'm leaning towards the Jeep as I love the way it looks but I wish I could affoard the V8.
  17. Hello, I am a person who loves to drive quite vigerously sometimes (in safe areas obvously) and im wondering if its a stupid idea to buy a front wheel drive car instead of a rear wheel car like I an now. I know FWD will mean possible understeer and worse handeling but will it affect it too much becase there are some FWD cars I like out there (thinking of cars like toyota blade with around 200HP) but should I just stick to RWD and find something else? Give me your point of view to help me decide. Thanks,
  18. I have been looking at both of these cars, and want a serious review of each and which one would be best and most reliable after the 20ish years off of the production line. I would only be driving the car around the area in which I live, so not very long distances. Thank You!
  19. Hi everyone! I am doing a project on the car dealership process and how we can improve it. Can you please help me by filling out this short survey? http://ucimerage.az1.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_6x0uLaB52Qg5aAd Thank you!!!
  20. Hi, My dad's looking at Lexus SUVs for around $15k (dealer price), but around that price you can only find older 2004-2006 SUVs with 130k+ mileage here in Alabama whereas for the same price you could get a 50k mileage 2011 RAV4, CRV, or other Honda/Toyota SUVs. But he still thinks that even older Lexus SUVs will still have better reliability, will last longer with less maintenance, have better features, have better parts like engine/transmission/suspension/etc than newer Toyota/Honda SUVs. How can I convince him otherwise? Like, are there any good sites/resources/articles with comparisons or sites where I can get detailed car specs as proof? Or am I wrong here, and older Lexus SUVs actually are better buys than newer Toyota/Honda SUVs at the same price?
  21. Hey everyone I'm relatively new to the topic of buying cars and I'm trying to do so on a budget, so I'm trying to find a deal buying a used car. My rents had a Toyota so I'm trying to stick with what I know. Anyway from my research I've understood that important things to consider are mileage, clean title, scratches/dents, and numbers of owners as the most important factors. From that I've found two listings that seem to have all the necessities: http://miami.craigsl...4689396152.html and from ebay http://www.ebay.com/...984.m1555.l2649 My questions are Do these listings look good? I mostly just need a nice car that will get me from A to B that is safe. Did I forget anything important to look at? Which looks like the better deal and how much should I be willing to bid on the second listing? BTW, I'll be moving Boston for my new job, so I'd be driving the cars up there.
  22. 2002 Toyota Camry LE 4dr Sedan $5,299 ✍ We Finance, accept checks and all major credit cards ✍ "WE FINANCE BOTH GOOD AND BAD CREDIT!” 100% Credit approval Guaranteed. CAR HAS: LOW MILES, IN GREAT RUNNING CONDITION, VA INSPECTED, CarFax and Autocheck available. All vehicles comes with 90 day Power train warranty. Extended warranties are also available. (Affordable Prices, test drive right on spot!) Special pricings is for this weekend only!! Year: 2002 Make:Toyota Model:Camry LE 4dr Sedan Miles:124,480 Color:Blue Call us at 571-620-8713 for more details and discounts. You can also call or text at 571-620-8713 and ask for Tony. We are located at : 700 South Washington St Falls Church VA 22046
  23. I found a 2001 Toyota Corolla with 200k miles on it on Craigslist and also a 1997 Chevy Cavalier with 88k miles on it. Obviously, 88k miles is a lot less than 200k miles, but I'm wondering if it would even matter considering Toyotas run forever. I need a reliable car for college (I will be commuting everyday for college this fall) and both have minimal/no rust. My mom owns a 1999 Toyota Camry and it is still running today (over 200k miles, check engine light is on but not sure what the problem is, it is also very loud), so a Corolla would still be a good choice based on what I've heard and seen. Which should I go with? I do not drive a lot outside of the fact that I will be going to college (about 20-25 miles there and back). I also would take very good care of whichever one I go with (oil changes, washing, driving), but is the Chevy the best choice because it has the lower miles? I live in Upstate NY, so the winter is definitely harsh on cars here. Thanks for the help!
  24. Good read on how quickly hybrid vehicle technology has been adopted in Vancouver and in its various different models since 2000: http://driving.ca/ch...ve-in-continues
  25. I am buying a Unregistered vehicle. It's a 1994 Toyota Hilux Ute/Tradie Vehicle. The original wheels are too large and will not pass the Road Worthy Certificate (RWC). I would swap my Dad's 5 stud wheels with the ute's 5 stud wheels for the RWC test. My parents wheels are 14 inch rims and should be small enough but I read somewhere that the tradie vehicles fall under a heavy vehicle or transport vehicle classification or something like that which means they need heavy or heavier duty wheels and that the standard (Wagon) wheels are illegal. Is that correct or shouldn't I worry for the Roady test? Do I need to buy the original second hand hilux wheels for it to be road worthy? please help I also don't know anyone to sell me the original toyota wheels so this could become a huge headache. Stupid vehicle legality laws
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