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Found 1 result

  1. There are obviously a lot of decisions to make when you're purchasing a new vehicle, especially when that vehicle is a pickup truck. What kind of trim do you want? How much towing capacity will you need? Four door or two door? Do you need an extended cab? Like we said, there are a lot of important decisions you’ll need to make. However, one additional decision that shouldn’t be an afterthought is the tonneau cover you choose to protect your truck bed. Tonneau covers, or truck bed covers, are as stylish as they are functional. On the style side, they can complement your truck's overall color scheme and help it achieve a cleaner, crisper look. On the functionality side, tonneau covers help protect items stored in the truck bed from the likes of Mother Nature. They're also a theft deterrent, as they keep stored cargo covered and hidden. But beyond making the decision to install a tonneau cover, there's the choice of which type to purchase. The two main styles are hard covers and soft covers. Which one is better for your truck? Read on to find out more: Soft Tonneau Covers: What You Need to Know Soft tonneau covers are typically made from either vinyl, polyester or canvas, and are most often offered in an all-black color. The materials are all durable and the covers are adequately able to protect truck bed cargo from the likes of UV rays, rain and snow. With that being said, here's a look at some of the benefits of going with a soft tonneau cover: • They're affordable: Soft covers are as practical as they are affordable, as most range in price from $190 to $800. Essentially, an OEDRO F150 soft tri-fold tonneau cover is going to be much more affordable, only $195.99, than a hard cover for the same vehicle type. • Easy to use, operate: Today's soft tonneau covers are light and easy to operate. Some are even able to open and close, or roll up, with just the touch of a button. This is a nice feature for anyone, but especially for the elderly who might be more restricted in mobility. • They fit well: One drawback to hard tonneau covers is that they typically don't fit as well as soft covers. For instance, some tonneau covers may not cover the entire truck bed, or not fit as snugly on the sides as soft covers do. Fit is obviously important when you're trying to keep rain and snow out of truck beds. • They offer a smooth, uniform look: If you're looking for a smooth, sleek look, then a soft tonneau cover is your better bet. Hard tonneau covers have a tendency to look more uneven and textured, while soft covers complement the overall truck's appearance better.
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