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Found 2 results

  1. Part of choosing the right tonneau cover is deciding what type you want. If you need the tonneau cover to protect items you store from bad weather, the soft tonneau cover would be the first choice. They are more affordable and easier to install than hardcovers. If you need the tonneau cover to prevent your cargo from being stolen, the best cover is the fiberglass cover. However, they are expensive and heavy, and take at least three people to install – it’s better if you have four to six – and they are also heavy once they are installed. Additionally, when you open the cover, you are working against the shocks that hold it up. Measure Your Truck Bed Length Once you choose which type of tonneau cover you want, you have to make sure it fits. Truck beds normally come in three sizes, but those three sizes – the short bed, regular bed and long bed – may not be the same length for different brands of trucks or for different years of the same truck. For example, before ordering a YITAMOTOR F-150 tonneau cover, measure the length of your truck’s bed. Also, different styles of tonneau covers may need to be measured differently depending on where on the truck bed they are attached. Some may ride just over the inside edge of the sides of the truck while others may completely cover the top of the sides of the truck. Some ride over the outside edges of the truck bed. Be sure you know where to measure your truck for the type of tonneau cover you are purchasing. Compatible with Other Accessories The tonneau cover should be compatible with other accessories you may have for the bed of the truck in the future. These accessories can include (but are not limited to) bed rails, tie downs, sport bars, headache racks, light bars, and bike racks. The salesperson will be able to help you pick a cover that is compatible with these accessories. So before purchasing a tonneau cover, you can consult with a YITAMOTOR tonneau cover expert about your bed liner.
  2. The benefits of a tonneau cover go way deeper than this aesthetic appeal, and there are five major benefits of a tonneau cover that we’re going to go over. 1. Safe transport of your equipment or luggage The most obvious benefit of a tonneau is the protection of whatever you are hauling. 2. Improved Gas Mileage a tonneau cover allows your bed to generate less air drag, which will increase your gas mileage by around 5%, but OEDRO tonneau cover can help you to save 12% gas. Get 15% off code: OEDRO15 View tonneau cover 3. Increased Security Keeping your precious cargo out of sight and out of the mind of potential thieves is a great step in protecting your equipment. 4. Organization Tonneau covers help to keep things in their place, protecting against the wind that so often attributes to the shifting of supplies. 5. Value A tonneau cover will help to save you money from low gas mileage, lost/damaged cargo and theft.
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