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Found 11 results

  1. As a rule, Mazda's are entirely solid be that as it may, regardless of whether altered or stock, the life of your vehicle relies upon upkeep. Taking great consideration of your vehicle today can enable you to abstain from paying out additional later on fixes. Here are the top tips Orange Auto has gathered throughout the years and have connected to keep your Mazda fit as a fiddle. Gas – Find What Works for You To discover what octane your motor needs, first check your proprietor's manual or take it into any Mazda garage. The suggested dimension is frequently 87octane. A few models have high-pressure motors that are intended to use the octane dimensions of 89, 91 or higher. Conventionally, your vehicle won't profit by utilizing a higher octane than is suggested in the proprietor's manual. On the off chance that your motor thumps or pings at the prescribed octane level however, you may require higher octane fuel. Improve gas mileage with the Mazda 3 Short Ram Intake Thumping may happen under specific conditions. A little level of vehicles may thump on account of varieties in motors of a similar model because of assembling resilience’s, or as a result of an irregular development of motor stores. Different factors, for example, incredibly sweltering climate, changes in elevation or hard driving conditions may likewise cause thumping. Is it true that you are anticipating running elective fuel for your adjusted vehicle? As a general rule gas choice for changed vehicles require tuning. Each Mazda and Suzuki garage has its inclination, yet remember the accompanying data when picking between E85 or race gas: E85 will produce altogether more powerful than your regular prescribed octane gas, given a similar measure of fuel. The consumer rate with E85 is quicker than standard 87 to 95 octane, in addition to you get lower temperatures and more power. The drawback is that you will deteriorate efficiency, and your Fuel Pump will require increasingly ordinary cleaning. The best thing about any race fuel is its consistency. You can depend on Mazda garage for the exhibition of the fuel and after that tune in like manner. It makes things like rising changes, encompassing temps, and so on, simpler to fuse into various maps. Oil – Change it Religiously Replace the oil in your Mazda each 3,000 – 5,000 miles relying upon the sort of (normal, engineered) oil you use. On the off chance that a large portion of your miles originate from interstate (driving at a set speed for long interims of time), you might almost certainly replace the oil each 5,000 miles, yet on the off chance that you do the vast majority of you're driving in a city or rural territory, check your oil each 2,500 miles as a sanity check. In the event that the oil shows up totally dark, this is an indication that you need your oil changed. In the event that you replace the oil yourself, make sure to replace the oil channel too. On the off chance that you take the vehicle to Orange Autos to have the oil transformed, he should change the channel when he replaces the oil. I generally prescribe the OEM oil Filter and Full Synthetic oil of your inclination.
  2. Grille light/winker signal lamp for Suzuki Jimny JB64/74(2018-) Car model:Suzuki jimny 2019 JB64/JB74 high configuration/low configuration Materials: ABS+LED cover color: smoke 4pcs/set,two color inside daylight:white color;turning:yellow color Directly connect with the original daylight power will be finish the installation. WARRANTY - Buy with confidence! We offer a LIMITED LIFETIME warranty on products damaged during delivery or that have a confirmed manufacturer defect.
  3. I have suzuki Hustler. Its eco idle battery light is continuously blinking because rain water comes in the car. We have drained the water from the battery but still light blinks. Kindly suggest. Mechanic says after the fer days light will be automatically off.
  4. Hey there, I have bought a 2011 1.2 l Suzuki Swift, and i want to give it some more power. What do i do? (Offcourse as cheap as possible)
  5. Suzuki estimates that by 2021, the automotive market will grow by 5%. The new Suzuki Swift will enter the market at the beginning of next month. Suzuki assessed the overall car market in Thailand in 2021 and found that the total market may reach 84,000 vehicles, an increase of 5% over last year’s sales. It is preparing to deliver the new 2021 Suzuki Swift. . The market in early February drove the company's sales growth by 17.5% and sold 30,000 pieces. Wanlop Tri Rerkngam, Executive Director of Marketing and Sales of Suzuki Motors (Thailand) Co., Ltd. revealed the overall situation of the automotive industry in 2021, that is, the overall economy has not yet fully grown, the debt serviceability of people and companies is weak, and the immature tourism industry (There are still measures to control people's travel.) However, there are some promising positives about vaccines that will ease people's worries about spending, which will lead to necessary spending this year. The highlight of this year will be the release of the 2021 version of the popular Suzuki Swift. The product's target sales this year is 12,000 while maintaining last year's sales level. Other models, including plans to add 10 dealers by March 2022. Suzuki said that the total sales of the Thai car market in 2020 will be 793,021 vehicles, a shrinkage of 21.29%, which is a 40-50% increase from the predicted total market shrinkage. Despite the impact of institutional issues, which have continued since 2019, and have been accompanied by the coronavirus outbreak, Suzuki has achieved sales of 25,528 vehicles, an increase of 7% over the previous year, exceeding the company's expectations. "During the COVID period, the car market is expected to be more affected. But we can maintain sales and gradually become one of Thailand's three-car brands that have not shrunk in the past three years. This is a good result, of which Suzuki celerio has grown by 195.18 %, including the new Suzuki xl7 (Suzuki xl7)."
  6. Anti-Rust Treatment in Seva Auto Maruti Suzuki A cars under body is exposed to the most wear and tear caused by muddy water, potholed roads, stones and other obstacles on the road. Because it is not in plain sight, we often do not see the damage. 3 Years warranty for New Vehicles and Old Vehicles including free inspections every 6 months till 3 years.
  7. Hi everybody, I recently bought an 87 Suzuki Samurai. I've always thought they were cool and I've heard they are great cars to learn more about mechanics which is more the reason I bought it. I'm not that knowledgeable with mechanics yet so speak to me like I'm an idiot! Anyways, I've been fixing it up and learning a lot but now I've found some more major work that I'm not sure how to tackle. I think I may have a blown head gasket..but, I'm not sure. I'll list my cars symptoms below: -smoke from the exhaust at startup - stops after a few minutes of running -coolant in radiator starts bubbling with the lid off when I turn the car on - lots of tiny bubbles - coolant in the oil - not a ton but its there - milky sludge on the oil cap - loss of coolant, even when not running. I've stopped running it since noticing this leak. Seems to be internal, can't find any signs of exterior leakage. So, I've been doing some tests to try and isolate the problem and now I've confused myself.. I did a compression test. All 4 cylinders were consistent and within spec. The compression consistently rose slightly between a wet and dry test with all 4. I did a leak down test and, according to my tester, there wasn't much leakage. I thought for sure when I hooked up compressed air that I would get bubbling from the radiator cap but there was nothing.. I listened to the oil cap/dipstick, exhaust, intake and the radiator with the air hooked up. There was some air coming from the oil cap which I've heard is somewhat normal and could mean worn rings. My plan had been to get a gasket set and replace everything down to the head gasket but these tests have me confused. Why is my compression good and the leak down test came up fine? Could it possibly be a bad intake manifold/gasket? What else could it be? Or does someone think its still the head gasket? I've got a straight edge and feeler gauges so I'm going to check for warpage on the block/head when I take it apart. Other than that I'm not sure how to isolate and find the problem... Anyone have any thoughts on what is wrong with the engine? I'd love to have some more expert opinions before I attempt a pretty major job. Thanks everyone, Greg
  8. Hey there, Currently, I'm struggling to diagnose a problem with the electric windows of a Suzuki Vitara 2008. All electric windows work at each seat positions with their corresponding switch to control them, they all go up and down no problem. The problem is the main switch in the drivers seat cannot allow the passenger windows to go down, it only allows them to be brought back up again. Im able to get the driver's seat window up and down though. To note when pressing the switch to make the passengers windows go down it does semi push them down ever so slightly you can here the window move. Does anyone know the possible issue and fix??? I'm confused.
  9. On November 13, 2018, the unveiling ceremony of Chang'an Automobile Research Institute, President of Chang'an Automobile Research Institute, was solemnly held at Chang'an Suzuki No. 2 Factory, marking the further improvement of the independent research and development system of Chang'an Automobile and bringing greater impetus to the promotion of "the third innovation and entrepreneurship". From 1 yuan to buy all the shares of Changan SUZUKI, to integrate the independent R & D system. It can be seen that Chang'an Suzuki has not been negatively affected by Japan's withdrawal. On the contrary, after a short period of integration and adjustment, Chang'an Suzuki will usher in an all-round development stage in China. In Changan SUZUKI operation, "light assets". Asset-light, also known as the light assets operation mode, refers to the firm firmly grasping its core business. In light asset mode, the enterprise firmly grasped its core value. Light assets operation is a capital strategy driven by value, and it is a new structure of enterprise strategy under the background of network era and knowledge economy era. Changan SUZUKI's "excellence" advantage Despite the current domestic market consumption environment, it is difficult to subversion of small cars. But in terms of product quality and user experience, there is no need to doubt the superiority of Changan SUZUKI's "boutique".
  10. Whether Suzuki also will launch the S-Cross to Indonesia or not? There has been no official confirmation, but the car's successor SX-4 has wowed visitors to Indonesia International Motor Show, which is the country's largest auto show in September, 2014. However, the fact that the S-Cross also has a presence in Malaysia will certainly make public Indonesia more waiting for the presence of this crossover. This is are some picture of S-Cross at The IIMS 2014 source article
  11. I have a 2011 Suzuki alto and I've been trying to find out if I'm able to supercharge it. It is only 50kw at the moment and slows right down up hills. The engine specs are 50kw 1.0L 998cc 3-cylinder twin cam. I wouldn't know what surcharger to buy and I don't want to blow up my engine (understandably) either. Any suggestions would be great thanks
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