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Found 4 results

  1. Hello! I am attending a college 500 miles away from home and need a good car to make that trip a few times a year. In the winter the pass is snowy, so I am looking for something AWD, but still a sedan or hatchback (I also would prefer manual transmission if possible; I don't know how common those are now). The Subaru Impreza looks perfect for me, but they are expensive! Even ten year old models will run me $10,000. Is there any comparable car to that one that I could find for closer to 6 or 7000? Would an early 2000's Outback be reliable enough for me? Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
  2. I think I found a used car that I really want, but wanted to get some advice on haggling. The car is a 2015 Subaru Impreza 2.0i hatchback, 5-speed manual, with 96k miles and has a sticker price of $10,500. Looking to buy it from a small dealer/mechanic that specializes in Subarus. Here are all the details I know about the car: Brand new tires, brakes, and general maintenance (oil, filters, etc) completed on it. I do trust this mechanic in that I believe there's nothing mechanically wrong with it (their main business is being a mechanic, not selling cars & they have a good reputation/reviews online). Clutch and shifting through gears feel OK to me, but I'm no expert in predicting clutch life (only ever had 1 other manual car). Unsure When the last time transmission fluid was replaced and if the spark plugs have been changed (that's a 97k maintenance item). I figured I'd make this a condition of the sale if it hasn't been done. It has a pretty nice body minus one small (3" diameter) ding on the liftgate. Maybe caused by backing into something, not from a rear end collision. The interior is dirty, but nothing that a detailer couldn't take care of (no rips in seats, no cracks in plastic, etc) Only had 1 owner, and the title is clean. Been sitting on their lot since February (I assume because not many people are looking for a manual?). Similar cars at other dealerships in my area are in the $11-$12k range, so the $10,500 already seems like a steal. Trade in value according to CarMax and KBB is about $6k, and they've put in maybe $1k of work into it. So I figured I'd start my haggling at $7k (them breaking even) armed with this data as well as the fact that the cars been sitting unsold for 8 months. Do you think that's an insultingly low price to start the haggling at? What else am I not considering for buying this car?
  3. Hi guyz , im 20 yo and i decided to buy my first car ,( not first car i drove tho i was driving shitwagen sharan for 2 years but car belongs to my parents) im stuck between 2 cars. Lexus is a bit cheaper options in my country also a bit older car (produced to 2004) but i heard its really reliable , on the otherhand impreza (the hawkeye im interested in) is awd wich is awesome considering i live in smalltown and have many non asphalt streets also in hard winter roads are really slipy. From what i said i should choose the impreza but i heard they are non reliable and the car i buy is going to be more of weekendfun i want to learn a mechanic a little bit , modiffy it , learn how to drive a little more hmmm sporty i think , i mean i do not aim to purchase is300 or wrx but still learn how to drive a bit faster. Any opinons , maybe advice from previous owners?
  4. Quick question: Would anyone happen to know if any 1998 subaru impreza wrx sti's are still being sold at used car dealerships or by individual owners? I've had my eye on that car for a bit but I can't find it anywhere. I'm only 16 so I wouldn't really be buying one anytime too soon but I was just curious. Oh, and if there is a place where they can be found please let me know.
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