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Found 4 results

  1. I have a 2008 manual transmission Subaru Outback with about 100,000 miles on it. Recently purchased it from a private buyer and it ran and drove fine. I have owned it for less than a week, but when I tried to start it today, nothing happened. No click with the ignition, no lights within the car, and no response with the gas. I attempted to jump the battery with a Ram 1500 but got zero response. It's been a while since I started a car, so initially I connected the black end of the jump wire to the batter (bad idea) and had the car alarm go off on the Subaru. Realized my mistake and subsequently grounded the black wire, with no result. Any ideas as to what went wrong?
  2. Hello all- I'm trying to recover from a simple oil filter housing gasket replacement, starter replacement, and door handle replacement. I took on the projects a few days ago simultaneously. I managed to get the door handle replaced with only a stripped screw causing me problems, I've now replaced the starter and finished the oil change, but the car now has a slew of new issues that have to be connected. Issues: Power windows, power locks, blinkers, headlights, dome lights, do not work. Wipers, radio, AC, and dash lights all work fine. Car won't turn, won't attempt to engage starter, and the key gets locked in the ignition every time I attempt to start it. Checked OK: Battery, alternator, fuses, relays, starter I know these things hate it when you lock the doors with the keyless entry then attempt to unlock the door with just the key, which might explain the key getting locked in, but the windows not budging, the power locks not working, all of it makes me think I'm losing my mind. There's gotta be either a simple thing I missed, or something I've knocked loose. Help solving ANY of the issues would be greatly appreciated! Thank you
  3. I have a 2004 Ford Everest diesel, that is a finicky starter. Where I live (1540m elevation and average temp of around 20° C) she will not start (first start of the day) until about the 3rd round of cranking. While cranking, white smoke puffs from the exhaust, and upon starting it belches grey smoke. After running, she may start right up after a few to several hours, but once sitting for a prolonged period or overnight, the hard start cycle continues. When I was at sea level and about 30° temp she started right up after sitting for an extended period most of the day, overnight, and into the next day. I've tried cranking when the glow plug indicator goes out, I've tried keeping the ignition on for an extended time, and I've even tried cycling the glow plugs a few times before cranking, but it's the same issue. The glow plugs are good (recently replaced), starter is good, and battery is good, so now I'm at a loss... Thanks!
  4. Hi, I own a Sept 2007 Honda City ZX GXi, done about 100K kms. It has CNG fitted and working fine. Since a couple of weeks now, I’ve been facing a weird starting problem in my car. When I start the car first thing in the morning, it starts without a fuss. But if I drive for around 20 minutes or so, and then switch off the engine, the car refuses to start after that. Then it has to be push started, which it does without any hitch. On the other hand, if I park my car for a couple of hours somewhere, then it starts again. It’s as if the car needs some kind of “rest” period before being started again! I took the car to Service center, they informed it to be a battery problem". But I am sure it can not be a battery problem, since the car starts fine first thing in the morning, and then it refuses to start after running a few kms. I also got the wiring on battery checked and changed, But still the problem persists. I’m planning to take the car to a good mechanic again, but would love to have some insight into what the problem could be, so that the mechanic don’t feed me some story again. Could it be the starter motor? The alternator (improbable)? Some loose connection which becomes disconnected on getting heated up? Any suggestions and ideas are welcome. Thanks in advance, Shaan
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