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Found 4 results

  1. Every 6 years or 60,000 miles we have to replace the spark plugs of our Mercedes, that's requiring of Mercedes maintenance booklet. So let's replace the spark plugs for my six years W350 (M276). In MB repair booklet, there is a step to remove intake manifold, in order to remove ignition coil easily. But that must replace the intake plenum gasket, that'd spend another a hundred bucks and more time. So follow my video, you might save that bucks and time to replace all of six spark plugs. If you like my video, subscribe please: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfVyCQWx5ldpXTW7rLQFZxg/ Here is the video: https://youtu.be/HpD3Aq1rYIo Spark Plug Socket: https://ebay.to/2tLvbrH Spark Plug boot Removal Pliers: https://ebay.to/2RKoMoD Spark Plugs: https://ebay.to/3augvOe Dielectric Grease: https://ebay.to/36o50o9 Gearwrench 81230P Ratchet Set: https://ebay.to/2utjfLu Husky Tool Chest: https://ebay.to/2NPTETu DEWALT Impact Driver: https://ebay.to/2TQu0lE
  2. 1) avoid being cold and hot. Spark plugs are divided into 3 types: cold, medium and hot. General high compression ratio, high speed engine compression ratio, low speed engine should choose hot spark plug between the use of medium spark plug. In addition, spark plugs are also different according to the actual situation of the engine. For example, when the spark plug is used for a long time, the old engine is prone to carbon deposition and oil stain. Medium-sized spark plug should be used to improve the anti-oil stain ability of the spark plug. 2) avoid misdiagnosis. When replacing a new spark plug or suspecting a fault, stop running for a period of time and stop flameout. Remove and observe the color of the electrode. If the electrode is ablated or the skirt and insulator are burning white. It indicates that the spark plug type is overheated. If there is a black stripe between the electrode and the green body skirt, it indicates that it has leaked. If spark plugs are selected, the appropriate spark plugs should be installed too tightly. 3) avoid installation too tight. The spark base is installed with the required torque. The spark plug will be scrapped if the spark screw is slipped and the expansion groove is broken when the spark plug is installed by hand. But no loosening should be installed, otherwise the engine will not work properly.
  3. I have a 2001 Ford Focus 2.0 liter split port engine. I need to replace the plugs and I saw online that all you need to do is pull the wire. Now I want to ask can a car still start if one of the wires are damaged? or Broken? Because I pulled out the wire and a little metal thing was attached to the spark plug. Thank you.
  4. I just changed my distributor cap.and rotor today as well as the spark plugs and spark plug wires. I also attempted to change the fuel filter but only the top fuel line would crack. The bottom nut wouldn't bulge so I stopped trying because I didn't want to cause any damage to the fuel lines. Fuel came out of the top fuel filter end and the end that connects to the engine so I know the engine is getting fuel. I also tried to get spark by putting a new spark plug into the wire end that goes down the spark plug hole and put it on metal and tried to crank and I didn't see any spark. I didn't touch anything on the distributor besides the cap and rotor. I'm really stumped as to why it won't start and apparently i'm not getting spark. Anybody have any ideas what could be the issue? The engine cranks but wont start. The car is a 1998 honda civic lx and the car started before i attempted to do regular matienence but it cranked longer than it should and idled hard before i had to give it gas to stay on. Thats why i even tried changing the stuff mentioned above in the first place. Thanks in advance for any advice.
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