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Found 4 results

  1. Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum and would like some advice from anyone who can help. I own a 2008 BMW 3 series e90 m sport and recently had a diagnostic done after noticing a slight misfire and the check engine light coming on. The diagnostic found five faults in the ECM and they are as follows: 2AF4 Nitrogen Oxide Sensor, electronic / 2AF2 Nitrogen Oxide Sensor, lambda linear / 2AF6 Nitrogen Oxide Sensor, lambda binary / 2EF7 Map Thermostat, activation / 29CF Combustion misfires, cylinder 3 I've been looking online for information about nox and lambda sensors but while i feel i have a small understanding of them i'm not sure i understand them entirely. If anyone is able to shine some light onto the issue that would be really helpful. I know I could take it in to a mechanics but if i'm able to do it myself then i'd prefer to do that as I quite like working on my car and who doesn't like saving a little money by doing the job themselves. Thanks in advance. Nathan.
  2. There is no need to repeat the importance of tire pressure monitor sensor(TPMS), it has been a mandatory standard for years. So it would save a lot of time and money if we could replace the sensor on our own. The first thing I want to emphasize is that replace sensors us not purely mechanic, just disassemble and install it. The sensor transmit data to ECU so a very important step is let ECU recognize sensors in the correct position. The car in this case is Lexus 2014, and replace the front right sensor. Tons of car tools come with TPMS function can do this, the tool I use to sensor matching is Topdon Artipad. Steps: 1. Ignition ON 2. Toyota V48.50 3. Chosse “16 PIN OBD(European and other) 4. Auto scan 5. In my case, I choose ES250, before 2014 6. System select-->chassis-->TPMS 7. Read live data-->manual 8. Select all registered ID, so we only read the live data from those sensors. 9. And the next page on screen is actually the ID for those sensors. I would recommend take a photo or screenshot, we will use that later. 10. Go back to Special functions--->auto scan--> mark registration 11. This car need to input 5 tire sensors’ ID, input the ID one by one, use the photo you took before if you can remember the ID, the new sensor ID is print on the sensor. 12. Tap OK after all are input, and go to the live data to confirm the new IDs. When you register new sensors in ECU, you can check tire pressure data by indicator or ECU display.
  3. Hello there, New to this forum and relatively new to the world of cars. I have been trying to get my first car on and off for about a year now. I have decided that I want to get a pre 05 Toyota sienna. My budget is going to be around 5000 im trying to get one for around 3k and then put 2-3k of work into it at a mechanic. That's where this forum comes in! Im in the nyc area so I assume if I search ill be able to find a decent one since there are always plenty listed. Once this happens and after the mechanic inspects it what work would you guys recommend I have preemptively done to it? Obviously ill need to remedy any problems the mechanic and prior owner note. I read somewhere that putting in a new set of sensors and electronics is a good investment. Just putting my thoughts on here. Anyways, just trying to see what others think. Thanks in advance for the help.
  4. Hi everyone, my name is Kory and I am looking to get some feedback from a range of car owners. Below I have listed 12 questions which would help in the development of some new technology which is looking to extend the life of every vehicle out on the road. If you could please find some time to answer some or all of the questions it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time 1. What is the age of your car? 2. What types of cars are they? (For example: muscle car, hot rod, regular daily use, etc.) 3. How much longer are you planning on keeping the vehicle(s)? 4. Are you concerned about the appearance or durability of your car? a. Scale of 1-7 with 7 being most concerned 5. What appearance or durability factors concern you the most? 6. What, if anything, are you doing to alleviate these concerns? 7. How are you monitoring these concerns? 8. What would you say are the biggest problems or challenges regarding monitoring these concerns? 9. Are you using any computer/phone technology to enhance your cars performance/maintenance experience currently? a. If yes, what? 10. Are you comfortable with using that technology? a. If no, what could be done to help? 11. Do you gather information about car trends? a. If so, what’s your main source of information? 12. Do you belong to any car club type organization? a. If Yes ______________(Name of organization)
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