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Found 4 results

  1. Can anyone help me with a leather seat issue, I was driving on a hot day due to the sweat on my back my seat got wrinkles or bumps is there fixable?
  2. Hi there, I have a KIA Sportage GT-line, which I have purchased mid-2017. My question is regarding the powered driver's seat and if the 'issue' that I am expecting is actually a defect or something that I have to live with because it is 'normal'. When turning into corners, the seat moves lightly to the side and I can fee a little click of the seat. Example: When turning left, the seat might move very slightly to the right and I can feel a click of the seat. When turning left again, the seat does not move. Only when then turning right, the seat might move to the left with the same slight movement and click. I have been to my local dealer multiple times, they apparently changed the seat base, which unfortunately did not fix the issue. I have had multiple cars with powered front seats, but have never experienced this issue before. I also had the change to drive a friend's KIA Sportage GT-line of the same year, his car did not have the issue. Can you please advise and let me know what to do? Many thanks, Nikolai
  3. Is it possible for a car seat that is 8 years old to become crooked as in that it's upper part of chair is leaning back more on the left side? I worry that this could have been caused by a few guys driving it at my dealership who were a bit heavy set. Even though they were only driving it a very short distance or taking it to get washed on premises...hmm? If they are heavy-set is this what caused this danged twist of deivers seat and also is this something that can be fixed or corrected at my car dealership? My service manager says no but really if it is fixable and a broken spring or bent part maintenance issue I think thwy should be able to help. Does a drivers seat sustain this kind of ctlrookedness over time? I am not overweight and as far as I know I do not lean on that side. I really hope this was not caused by a few heavy set men driving my car ( Cadillac CTS 2011) around the dealership a few x a year. Thoughts? Thanks
  4. Hey guys. I'm having hard time to find credible information about the differences between Seat Ibiza 2011 1598cc diesel, automatic gear, vs the newer versions. Apart from the minor design improvements, what are the notable differences? And in particular, how is the 1598cc engine in comparison to the TSI engines from the latest years in regard of fuel consumption?
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