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Found 3 results

  1. I'm trying to put a rack in my roof for a 2008 scion xb. I found these bolts already is there anyway I can use them. I'm trying to carry a ladder maybe 2 if possible
  2. I have a 2007 Scion tc automatic transmission. Start the car and put in drive or reverse or even neutral and push and after about 10-15 feet the car will make a scratch/mechanically sound for about 1-2 seconds and then that's the last time I'll hear it till next power cycle of the car. If I stop and park and then drive again it will not repeat the sound but reliablely if I turn the car off and then on and repeat the movement it will make the sound. I have put the car on jack stands and with the same pattern it will make the sound but I'm not sure it's reliablely making the sound. Puzzle of the day. Seems like the sound is coming from the passenger side where the accessory belt is and if my foot is on the pedal I can feel it a little.
  3. So I have been having an interesting issue with my car for a while now. My 2006 tC's starting is not consistent. It will start slowly whenever it's hot outside or it may have been sitting there for a while. I have changed the alternator, starter, battery, and fuel pump. As of right now, it starts slowly but the clicking during ignition is consistent and of the same volume. When the engine finally turns over, it turns over quickly and without hiccups. The alternator charges the battery without any problems. At this point, the only suggestions left from some of the people I know is changing the fuel pressure regulator. My mechanic friend's reasoning is that if the ignition clicking is consistent, there is no problem with the parts mentioned. The pressure regulator is not regulating pressure effectively anymore so the pump has to run longer before the fuel line pressure is where it needs to be for the proper turn over. I have run parasitic draw tests on the battery and only get about 250 mA readings. I don't really know what else to do besides taking into a shop to have them fix this for me but I would rather do it myself and know it was done correctly. Any ideas?
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