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Found 11 results

  1. One of my current rims is rusted on the inside. I've already done the seal but it helps for a short time, not permanent solution. Can anyone help me find the brand and model of my rim? Had to shrink picture for size limit. Thank you in advance.
  2. I'm not well-versed in car knowledge, and this is a loaner vehicle, I drive a 2013 Hyundai Elantra, rims got kinda banged up. Searched online through Tire Rack for the rim type, but couldn't really find it. They're Hyundai brand, and judging by the info on the owner's manual, they're 6.0Jx15. Tire stores and auto repair shops want info such as the metal its made of (aluminum or steel), which determines whether they can straighten it up, or I'll have to pay for tire or wheel replacement altogether.
  3. Hello, I just bought a used car- a Lexus ES 3560 2007. I'd like to change to upgrade the rims- Nothing fancy in terms of rim design, but want black on black rims (any finish is fine). Anyway Lexus will sell me black rims for around $750 each. So it'll be 3K for all 4, and thats half the cost of the entire car. I was wondering the feasibility of 3rd party rims? I.e. is it advisable? I dont want to sacrifice reliability / safety. Thus I am wondering if my only / best option is the Lexus dealership rims? In sum, is it possible / advisable to get 3rd party rims, and if so, do you have any recommendations for a very reliable, high quality rim for less than a couple to few hundred dollars per rim? Any other advice would be appreciated. Thank you for your time in advance.
  4. Can anyone tell me if this is just a cosmetic dent or something to worry about. 245 35 R19
  5. Hello, everybody - I am searching for information on a specific set of rims that I recently picked up at an auction, but the information that I was given on them was pretty vague. The most that I know about the rims is that they came off of a 1970's Ford truck[?], and the rims also came with a set of center caps with a reflective red center. I was also told that the rims can fit my 1993 Toyota Pickup, and that they share the same bolt pattern as my Toyota, which is about 5x114.3. I have a series of what I'm assuming to be the serial numbers for the wheels and center caps. They are branded with the Ford logo on the inside of the rims with the #'s: A51978 // A52225 // A52645 // A52327 the number on the center caps is: D55A-1A097AB Any help on identifying these rims would be an enormous help, and would be greatly appreciated!
  6. Is this gash on the side wall safe enough to drive or should I get new tires?
  7. I recently bought a pickup and none of the rims had center caps. I looked all over the rim and there isn't a manufactures name anywhere. This is a long shot, but anyone have any idea what brand they are?? Heres a picture of them. It looks like they might have originally had some kind of inserts if that helps any. TIA
  8. For years, I've stored the original rims for my 1975 Thunderbird which has been long gone. I am now ready to sell the rims.
  9. So I have a stock 2000 Dodge Neon that I'm lifting with custom made spacers, just looking for a little extra clearance. I want to get some bigger off-road/all-terrain tires that I can fit on the stock steel rims. My current tires are 185/70R14, the lug pattern is 5x100. I'm unsure of the rims specific measurements though. I've been all over the web but I can't figure out what the most cost-effective way of doing this is. It's a beater that I'm taking to the Gambler 500 so I don't want to go out and buy brand new rims and tires... Should I just buy an old rim and tire set off someone and try to find a lug adapter? Can I find all-terrain tires to fit my stock steel rims? I understand I'll have to cut up the body to fit them but I'm not worried about that.
  10. I have a 2014 Volkswagen Jetta 1.8T SE, and I want to buy new rims and some coilovers for it. Do I need to get different sized rims or can they be the same size as they are now? If they can be the same size they are now, I don't know what size my rims are now. What size should I get? Should i get the coilovers or the rims first? How big should they be?
  11. I NEED HELP FAST, PLEASE GIVE ME YOUR IMPUT Okay so I've had this problem for about 2 weeks or so, I own a 2006 Lincoln zephyr, it is a v6, 3.0L, with FWD. After switching the back breaks on my car(new pads, new rotors), i bought 2 used tires, during the install the guy toldme I have abent rim and he will put it in the back so my wheel doesn't shake, after I left the shop I noticed intense vibration on the driver side plus a loud noise as if the tire was loose hitting something and rubbing agains something, went back got it put in the back. I still hear the sound just quiet and in the back, car still vibrates. The car vibrates a little(feeling it when I put my feet on the ground not the pedals) at all time, vibration is sort of under the seat and by the pedals. The car jerks/bumps at really slow speeds (0-15mph) and when I break, but only when I slow down or lightly press the break pedal. When pressed hard it doesn't do that. Every time I start my car it's not that bad but then it gets worst. I know I need my breaks bleeded but could that be the problem?? Or what can it be? This has probably nothing to do with it, but I did get subs put in the car recently, and I have noticed a clicking sound comin from the engine. Sounds like maybe one of the valves.
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