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Found 5 results

  1. So, I want to restore a Volvo 940(2.3i turbo) slam a better suspension, rims and some other tiny extras. But I wanted to know if the mechanical problems on this engines are pricey or are "affordable" and also if updating the turbo will become a problem on my wallet or not xd
  2. I have recently bought a 46 Plymouth coupe and started restoring it. I just have a few question for anyone who has been doing this for a long time and would be interested in helping. Anything is appreciated First off I've already taken the trunk off and its in primer but the hinges are still attached and The springs are under a lot of tension. Im new to this as this is my first car and how can I get the hinges off without damaging them, the springs, or myself? Im still in the process of taking all the insulation and sound deadening foam off if the interior. So far I've used a mallet and putty knife with a blow torch on and off for 8+ hours. But i still have a decent amount of the trunk left to scrape clean are there any easier and smarter ways to get the foam off? (I live in arizona so that doesn't help my case with this situation) not really a question about the car but does anyone have a 46-47 plymouth coupe grill core suport they are looking to sell thats in good condition?(Please contact me with any valid offers at 0123yakob@gmail.com)
  3. Riga and classic values goes hand in hand. Beautiful architecture and beautiful girls are very common in Latvia. Classic and beauty are almost synonyms, especially here in Riga – the capital of Latvia. One may ask, where does the secret of beauty lie? What distinguishes classic from just old? Precise work and paying attention to details is the answer. At RIXCAR we love everything that has tires and a motor. Everything that's classic. Everything with story behind Car restoration for us is a hobby that has become a successful business. Our main focus areas are: - car body repairs and painting - classic car restoration Our workshop is a place for real petrolheads and enthusiasts who value excellent craftsmanship. The company has seven year experience in car restoration processes. Each of our 14 employees is a master in his field, specializing in classic cars. Within the restoration process we use the highest quality materials to ensure excellent results. The workshop is equipped with technologies which allows us to carry out custom projects of any difficulty, for example bending from scratch car body panel of any shape. We always give rough idea of the final price, after we see the condition of the car and we do everything we can to manage work processes smarter, to keep within the agreed price or decrease it by doing things differently and to be more innovative so there would be less risks of unplanned expenses. We are able to provide numerous references from our customers from Nordic countries. If you’re a dedicated purist who desires only the best or you have just been searching for restoration company to give your car a fresh new look - you have found the right place. When a classic is restored to this level, it’s primed for show time. Our projects can be seen here: facebook page RIXCAR homepage Contacts: Reinis Jansons Phone: +371 26414411 E-mail: reinis@rixcar.lv
  4. Hi all, I am new to this forum and to cars in general. I plan to buy a slightly older car (something between 1980 and 2000) to initially use to learn about repairing cars. The long term goal is to try to restore/improve if possible. So I need something that has the flexibility to potentially go crazy with. For example I really like the 1980s model of the BMW 5-series, but i don't know if this is the right car to use for such a project. Hopefully this will spark some discussion and provide me with a good starting point. Regards, JK7070
  5. I've been watching Reality Rides (a new series airing 0ctober 5th Velocity 9am) and its so great all the guys in it really know what they're doing. This Buick is so beautiful I'd love to go for a beer with these guys they're so down to earth catch the trailer here:
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