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Found 4 results

  1. Do you think that the car community/hooning culture is over represented in accident statistics? Why? What would you say in defense? What is more prevalent and why do you think we hear about it less? Im writing a research paper and would really appreciate some input!
  2. Hello! A small team from Boston University is conducting a research project into how COVID-19 has affected the car buying experience. Please take a moment to go through and complete these questions so we can understand the current consumer market. No personal information will be reported. We thank you for your responses! See the link to the survey below. Click Here!
  3. Hey, so im doing some research on a car that im planning to build in the distant future. Not going to in a while due to lack of money, but im working ahead to get all the small details solid. So I've been doing alot of research and I need some help/advice. I found a site telling me a basic rundown of what things to keep in mind for the assembly for a car. (http://auto.howstuff...assembling2.htm). The majority of my research has been going into an electric car. Im pretty intrested in that stuff haha. Ive seen cars around that many manufacture's has built. (http://www.teslamotors.com/models) But going into the details, I have absolutely no clue where I need to start. Do I start at the motors? Transmission? Batteries? Controller? I hope building a car would be a whole lot chaper than buying a brand new car. But Im not sure if I care, building it would bring more satisfaction to my happiness. Help would be appreciated Thanks!!! I'm pretty new to this car stuff but gota start somewhere so dont judge! xD I am also new to this forum so yeah.
  4. Hello fellow users, I am conducting research on driver's feelings about blind corners. Since this is a car forum and all of you are drivers who probably go through this problem everyday, I would like your input on this quick 5 question survey. For your convenience, you can either post the answers here or through the link below. Thank you for taking the time to complete the survey. link: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/FQN6Q6D Survey: 1. Do you drive a car? Yes No 2. How frequently do you have to turn at a corner that you cannot see around •Several Times a Day •Once a day •Several Times a Week •Once a Week •Less Frequent/not at all 3. Have you ever had or seen an accident due to somebody turning around a blind corner? Yes No 4. Do you have difficulty determining if traffic is coming when at a blind corner? Yes No 5. Would you feel safer if you had a device to detect/see traffic while at a blind corner? Yes No
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