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Found 6 results

  1. One of my current rims is rusted on the inside. I've already done the seal but it helps for a short time, not permanent solution. Can anyone help me find the brand and model of my rim? Had to shrink picture for size limit. Thank you in advance.
  2. There is no need to repeat the importance of tire pressure monitor sensor(TPMS), it has been a mandatory standard for years. So it would save a lot of time and money if we could replace the sensor on our own. The first thing I want to emphasize is that replace sensors us not purely mechanic, just disassemble and install it. The sensor transmit data to ECU so a very important step is let ECU recognize sensors in the correct position. The car in this case is Lexus 2014, and replace the front right sensor. Tons of car tools come with TPMS function can do this, the tool I use to sensor matching is Topdon Artipad. Steps: 1. Ignition ON 2. Toyota V48.50 3. Chosse “16 PIN OBD(European and other) 4. Auto scan 5. In my case, I choose ES250, before 2014 6. System select-->chassis-->TPMS 7. Read live data-->manual 8. Select all registered ID, so we only read the live data from those sensors. 9. And the next page on screen is actually the ID for those sensors. I would recommend take a photo or screenshot, we will use that later. 10. Go back to Special functions--->auto scan--> mark registration 11. This car need to input 5 tire sensors’ ID, input the ID one by one, use the photo you took before if you can remember the ID, the new sensor ID is print on the sensor. 12. Tap OK after all are input, and go to the live data to confirm the new IDs. When you register new sensors in ECU, you can check tire pressure data by indicator or ECU display.
  3. Every 6 years or 60,000 miles we have to replace the spark plugs of our Mercedes, that's requiring of Mercedes maintenance booklet. So let's replace the spark plugs for my six years W350 (M276). In MB repair booklet, there is a step to remove intake manifold, in order to remove ignition coil easily. But that must replace the intake plenum gasket, that'd spend another a hundred bucks and more time. So follow my video, you might save that bucks and time to replace all of six spark plugs. If you like my video, subscribe please: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfVyCQWx5ldpXTW7rLQFZxg/ Here is the video: https://youtu.be/HpD3Aq1rYIo Spark Plug Socket: https://ebay.to/2tLvbrH Spark Plug boot Removal Pliers: https://ebay.to/2RKoMoD Spark Plugs: https://ebay.to/3augvOe Dielectric Grease: https://ebay.to/36o50o9 Gearwrench 81230P Ratchet Set: https://ebay.to/2utjfLu Husky Tool Chest: https://ebay.to/2NPTETu DEWALT Impact Driver: https://ebay.to/2TQu0lE
  4. Get low-cost Roadside coverage today with a very low-cost monthly payment only $40.00 down first and last month paid upfront. Then $20.00 per month with unlimited tows up to 100 miles per service call. Coverage begins 24 hours after payment received!!!! Click on the link https://tvcm.co/!PJU74
  5. I drive a lexus rx 300 1999 SUV with 160000 miles..when it was purchased there was always a transmission sensor problem but it has driven well until recently. Last December it started to buck while in drive and this week it happened again after driving for 20 minutes. It felt so bad on the car I had it towed to the mechanic. The tow guy put the car in neutral and I picked the car back up the following day. I was told the reverse was gone but I would be able to use other gears. The mechanic also drained fuilds out and refilled. The engine runs good and I checked the transmission fluid level before pulling off. It indicated a pink color and on the cool line. When I pulled off the tires did seem to rub a little. I reached 3 blocks with no bucking before the car just stop moving. None of the gears responded. I remember hearing crackle and loose sounds on and off while driving the 3 blocks. I called for a tow truck and when he tried putting the car in neutral it did not respond. He tried going forward and the car drove backwards as well. He said my transmission locked and it will not be possible to tow. With effort we were able to tow home. Is this common?????? Did my transmission just randomly fail?? What are the indication of a failing transmission ?
  6. Hi to all...Glad to meet you here. I hope this forum will help me to make essential decision on my car. Yes, I love my car so much, although it is too old. My car was released on 1992, it is BMW 310. Now, I want to replace its window tinting, however I still doubt where should I go? I want my car window looks nice and elegant. I have been searched many sites that provide replace car window tinting for two hours and I found http://www.windowtintingirvine.net/. Hi friends...I hope you give me opinion about the site, is it trusted to replace my car window? I hope you give me honest opinion because it will help me to make decision. All your opinion is great for me. Thanks.
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