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Found 6 results

  1. Hi hope someone can help, we have a Renault Clio Gt line 2019 which we bought from Renault not even a year ago and for the last few months I've noticed that this (in video attached) has been happening.. this is me sat on a little hill at traffic lights holding at biting point.. it looks like and sounds like I'm pressing the accelerator up and down when I'm not.. its reving itself up and down my foot isn't moving 😕.. it doesn't happen all the time.. took it to Renault as its under warranty and they said there is nothing wrong with it but surely this isn't normal.. would appreciate any help (sorry about the music I was didn't have time to turn the radio off) 20211119_141122.mp4
  2. Okay so here goes. I recently acquired a second hand car radio. It has all the bits and bobs I was looking for, and I got it free from a friend who just brought himself a new radio. It's a Peugeot radio. It has bluetooth, all those nifty features and being a single din radio I assumed it would be easy to just slide my current one out and put this beauty in. However, my car is a Renault. I took my factory radio out and the cables on the back are completely different. Is there any way I can get a Peugeot radio to work in a Renault car? Thank you
  3. According to Japanese media reports on January 20, local time, a French government delegation has informed Japan that it wants to integrate Renault and Nissan cars, and is likely to belong to the same holding company. After Ghosn's arrest, Nissan and Mitsubishi both removed Ghosn's chairmanship, but Renault did not, just appointed a deputy chief executive. So far, the French government has asked Renault to call a board of directors to replace Ghosn. French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire said in a newspaper interview that Michelin CEO Jean-Dominique Senard would be a good candidate to lead Renault. "The French government, as a shareholder, has a certain voice," said Le Maire. I can tell you that in the automotive industry, Jean-Dominique Senard has a very competitive and reputable industry. Chongqing Feilongjiangli, as a supplier of automobile parts, has provided matching supply to American and German automobile companies, but has not yet matched Japanese and Korean automobile companies. The future direction is to provide better matching services for American and German automobile companies and join the matching of Japanese and Korean automobile companies as soon as possible.
  4. Microsoft is rebooting its push to sell software for cars with a new set of programs and services in a bid to keep up with rivals such as Google and Apple that are expanding in auto technology. "We're not getting into self-driving cars ourselves but we can be an important element of it by providing the platform," said Microsoft's business development chief Peggy Johnson, in an interview. The Renault-Nissan alliance signed an agreement in September with Microsoft to work on car technology. The companies said Thursday that Renault-Nissan will be the first customer for Microsoft's Connected Vehicle Platform, which provides carmakers with a set of services built on Microsoft's Azure cloud.
  5. Hi all, I current share the use of a Renault Twingo Extreme 2009/10 1.2 Petrol. Back story: So tonight I was driving back from the mc donalds drive thru to see these two symbols on the dash slightly dim (like a torch running out of battery that kinda brightness) I didnt think nothing of it till i got home.. i switched the ignition off and pulled the key out, turned the lights off etc etc and these two lights were still on.. (the spanner/wrench what ever you call it and this fuel injector/gear box light a bit like a heart rate monitor) I restarted the car gave it 2000 rpm (hoping that would do something) and with no success these dim lights were there.. So repeated process everything off keys out, this time the lights went off.. so I went in and got the user manual out and its saying that the car shouldnt be driven and taken to a dealer yet the lights have gone out when i went back and checked about 20 mins ago and the car ran fine down the street when i ran it too 3500 rpm in first then changed gears. Should i be worried about this or is it just Renaults terrible electrics as per playing up?
  6. Hello People, I just want to let you know that i've started a cheap car blog, for new drivers, second car buyers, and other that are interested in the cheap car category. Follow my blog, and get filled in by funny car reviews of cheap cars sold in Europe. The more people you share it with, the more cars I get to review! The link is: autoreviewed.wordpress.com Thank you for your time, and happy drivers day, every day!
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