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Found 2 results

  1. I'm wanting to get a Ford Ranger (2008 XLT is ideal) and do an engine swap (small block 350) and a transmission swap for an ALL WHEEL drive; not 4 wheel drive. Is this possible and is so what do y'all recommend? Trying to keep this as low budget as possible while still being somewhat reliable.
  2. I have a Ford Ranger (T6 style) which has just developed a clicking noise whenever I turn to the left. The sound is identical and consistent regardless of speed. It clicks (or pops) about 4 times when making a 90 degree turn to the left at an intersection. The same clicking noise is made when the car is completely stationary and I turn the wheel to the left. When turning to the right, it makes a faint scraping noise instead, like a very soft metal on metal. This just started a week ago. It sounds very much like the sound is coming from the steering column, not from outside the car. I can also feel a very, very slight vibration in the wheel when it pops turning left. I will take this into the dealer to get it checked, but I am in Thailand, and it is dangerous to take your car to a dealer for service if you do not already know what is wrong with it. I have had to have my car towed out of a dealership before that was running when I brought it in, after they disassembled my perfectly good engine and tried to extort money to fix it. I was advised by a mechanic after that to always get an independent of assesment of what is wrong with your car and make sure the dealer knows you know the real problem before allowing them to fix it. To say they should not be trusted is an understatement. A friend suggested it might be the "clock spring", but I will admit I know very little about modern car design. When I grew up steering columns were simple and didn't have such things. The truck has about 55,000 miles/92,000 kms and is 4 years old. Can anyone offer any advice on what this might be? It still drives fine, but I would rather get this repaired now in case it is something that could get worse in the future. Thanks for any advice.
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