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Found 2 results

  1. http://adfoc.us/5658491 Check this YouTube video of a Lamborghini Hurucan Performante vs Audi R8 vs Nissan GT-R Who do u think will win??
  2. Frankenstein60


    Alright I need help finding out what a certain part is called because I cant put into words what I'm looking for so I'll type to you guys what I'm thinking and I'm hoping someone can help me with a name lol. Ok so in the first fast and furious movie when paul walker shows up to the big race he sprays nos out of his windshield washer pieces... I believe I'm thinking of the right movie maybe I'm mixed up idk but in one of the movies I know he does it but they also show in the movie biker boyz one of the bikers doing the same thing... what is that part called that does that? How do I do this to mine if theres not a certain part for it lol I'm lost for words so I cant explain it to Google. I know I sound dumb and bash all you want if you feel you need to but whatever answers I get I'll know if I get sarcasm so its is what it is but I need someone to point me in the right direction please Thank you guys in advance :)
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