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Found 4 results

  1. I wish choosing my project car was easy but living where the snow seems to never to stop and being too tall for popular project cars like the civic and miata narrowing down a choice harder than it needs to be. So if anyone has any good opinions on a choice I'd appreciate it. But even though I wanna believe I'm flexible on choices my first choice would be a combo of: .something easy to maintain and mod. . Fwd or Awd. . A sedan. . Something that'll last as a daily driver
  2. Hello Everyone , hope your all doing well im currently in the middle of building a page and website with one of my friends around cars if you like or are intrested in cars please check us out, heres my pitch, the tabs on the website (launching soon) are as follows car information information on every car basically ever in one place for everyone to browse and learn about , there is also going to be a section for modded cars and guide to car parts so you can learn how cars work , theres also going to be a car glossary so you can be up to date with all the slang and car terms and be able to use them correctly with all your friends, then theres going to be the social aspect of the site where you can do quizes and games and join your favourite "clubs" and communicate with other members and Car Enthusiasts Thank you reading and please check us out at Instagram.com/Replitzautos Or check the website which is launching soon Replitzautos.com
  3. I have a completely stock 2010 corolla le. I am going to replacing parts to make it look cool and SOUND fast. I don't care ab it being fast at all just to sound like it is. I need help as to what parts to start on. I will give recognition and exposure to who ever helps me. Any ideas?
  4. For my 17th birthday, my dad bought me an xf falcon, together we did some work on it to get it road legal, changed brakes, oils, filters, spark plugs, leads ect. over the last year i've been thinking and i really want to make a home project out of it. Im after some idea's about how to change the look of it but most importantly, the performance! at the moment the 250 cubic inch engine is doing the job to get me around town, but im really keen to drop a new engine in there, either a BA twin cam turbo, or a 351 clevland. i would need some help in finding out which will be easier, the costs to run and buy the engines and of some simple paint and interior schemes. i have attached a photo of the XF as i got it given to me. since then, some ruse has come up on the bonnet (looking for a new one at the moment which will be resprayed) the boot (already changed to a new rust free one) and the roof. thankyou for helping
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