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Found 8 results

  1. Hey guys not sure if I can post my car problems here but I’ll give it a try anyway, my Mercedes sprinter 2008 315 CDI has been having problems lately with losing power and a lot of black smoke coming from the exhaust... my local mechanic did a forced regen on the dpf plus a second hand transmission has also been put in. The air filter is fine also.The mechanic checked with a code reader and he said it was a dpf problem and was blocked 60% but after the forced regen it went down below 5% which was good.however today when I drove It was driving fine for about 20 minutes and then the engine light came on and starts flashing and as soon as this happens the car loses all power. I was going up a hill on the highway doing 40km/hr in a 110km/hr zone With my foot fully on the pedal and no power at all! my mechanic said it isn’t normal for it to be losing so much power and I’m bringing the van back to him soon but I’m curious myself with that’s happening. He said the engine light flashing is because it’s doing a clean through the dpf but He said that it should lose that much power. If you guys could help me at all with what you think is wrong would be much appreciated! Cheers!
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  3. Best Mercedes Repair in Dubai Mercedes is considered one of the best luxury cars in the world, so it should be handled with the same care. German Professional is the place to go for the best repair services in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Our team of experts have gained extensive experience in all areas related to car maintenance. We work with passion and attention to detail to give your car the best service in town. You can always count on us to provide you with a comprehensive service that uses the latest technology and the most advanced tools. When you decide to get a repair service for your Mercedes car, only the professionals should be trusted. Our team uses only Genuine Mercedes Parts combining the highest level of expertise to ensure a successful repair. Get ready to restore the power of your Mercedes with our car service. Contact us!
  4. What do you thunk of The New C-Class in 360. Check it out here: https://shrinke.me/cic6
  5. Hi all, As the title says, I've got a fair few cars in mind for my next buy, the issue is - I want to make sure its worth it. I currently drive a 2012 Ford Focus Zetec S 1.0 - 125hp manual (on HP) as my first car, and have been driving for over 2 years now. After putting around 60k miles on it, I have noticed that it does not feel as quick, or as smooth as I once thought it was (Due to driving experience, not mechanical faults) and I'm looking to upgrade. My top choice right now would be the 218d auto, as its cheapest on insurance, cheapest and cheapest on PCP (I'm looking to go down PCP route now knowing how quickly I get 'bored' of what I'm driving, got 'bored' of my current car after a year, though I do still love it), however I do want it to be a rather significant upgrade, and the 218d only seems to have 30 odd more horsepower. My question is, would the fact its an auto cause it to feel significantly faster than my car? For example the 0-60 of my car is 11.3 seconds, but do I do it in that? Probably not haha- whereas the 218ds 0-60 is 8.2 seconds, and its more likely that I'd be able to achieve close to it due to it being an auto. My next question is, if it would not feel significant, would an older 225d or a even older C220 be worth the jump, considering it would be around £100 extra a month in insurance? (I'm lucky enough that a car is my only monthly necessary outcome, so am happy spending the extra, but obviously want to avoid it if possible). I have factored in convenience, economy etc, just after the performance aspect, with this, a 90hp fiesta and a 108 being my only I don't have much experience with 'nicer' cars haha If you have any other sub 8.5 second (0-60mph), coupe/saloons, feel free to advise! Thanks in advance!
  6. I was going through you tube and got my eyes on MERCEDES AVATAR. Rumors are always pilling and got me think would it better that APPLE futuristic car endeavors or not? Here is the link for Mercedes AVATAR: http://adfoc.us/57425377196859 Pretty cool car with pretty cool features as well.
  7. This Mercedes-Benz GLC 300 is one of the top-rated compact luxury SUVs on the earth. The outstanding design, powerful performance, advanced tech feathers make it to be a superior car which is as smooth as it performs, as dynamic as it expresses. It is equipped with a 255-hp 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine, providing 273 pound-feet of torque, a nine-speed automatic transmission, offering smooth, sharp shifts, all-wheel drive. Efficiency and stable, effortless to deal with various situations. Mercedes-Benz GLC 300 installed Forged Lightweight Plus Wheel Spacers, front 15mm (3/5 inch), rear 25mm (1 inch) together with Forged Grade 12.9 Extended Wheel Bolts. Both of them are specifically made to fit this vehicle and enhance the handling performance, meanwhile, achieving a remarkable look. They match perfectly with the Mercedes wheels, thanks to the precise manufacturing. And the hub centric design makes a solid connection between wheel and axle hub, no vibrations, fewer stress loads and more service life range. Blog for more: https://www.bonoss.com/portfolio-items/bonoss-forged-lightweight-plus-wheel-spacers-15mm25mm-for-mercedes-benz-glc-300-cai
  8. Hi all, Hope everyones doing well. I am planning on purchasing a Mercedes E Class 2016 Saloon SE. The SE that I have found is a really nice spec with Pan roof and the single 12.3 inch screen for a reasonable price. However the only thing that is concerning me is the fact that the exterior body of the SE is less aggressive/sportier compared to the AMG Line. Other than the front lower bumper being different and different alloys, are there any other exterior difference? Thanks all. Look forward to the replies. Ash.
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