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Found 4 results

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  3. Check out the list in the video in the link below. Some unexpected cars appear. https://shrinke.me/lFbrPJ
  4. Recently I got a 2006 Nissan 350z (Enthusiast trim) with 250,000 miles (mostly highway). The previous owner was quite the stoner, judging by what we found in the various interior compartments during its first detail. After checking around the car, I noticed that the previous owner, let's call him Chad, had installed an aftermarket audio system and subwoofer. Great right? Who doesn't love getting a little extra in their investments? Well, let's just say that Chad was probably high as a kite when he installed this system. The first thing we noticed was that the subwoofer was set to take all frequencies of audio, not just the low ones. In case you didn't know, subwoofers are specifically designed to handle and play the lower sounds in your music. Alright, we said, maybe that was a little dumb but it isn't a huge deal and we can just fix it real quick. Well, as I was finishing up the installation of my first mod (a CAI) we noticed that something looked a little off by the battery. The wiring for the audio system, to be exact. When we took a look at the wires we found a fuse on the negative wire and absolutely nothing on the positive wire. Anyone who has basic electrical knowledge would know just how wrong that is. I was shocked to find out that I had been driving around with such a dangerous fire hazard under my hood. If something had gone wrong with the wiring there would have been absolutely nothing to prevent my car from bursting into flames. I wish I had taken a picture! Of course, we fixed it and all is right now, but man that was something...
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