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Found 4 results

  1. On my way home after having dinner with a few friends I try going into the lane next to me and a car that was in my blindspot (I'm not even sure if their lights were on) honked their horn and I did not get that close and did not hear any kind of screeching sound and so I stay in my lane but then my friend sitting in the back tells me they were motioning me to stop. So im thinking maybe I did hit something. So I stop and roll down my window a bit so the man driving the other vehicle could talk. I apologized and I see no damage to his car until he points out a scratch at the top of his side mirror that apparently came from the bottom of my side mirror scratching the top of his. Because it was dark I did not get out of my car at all so I did not get a picture of the damage. It was maybe a two inch thin line on the top of his side mirror. He said that all it would really need is a buffing and he wouldn't need to file a claim unless anything else came up. So he takes down the name of my insurance and their phone number and I ask him if he wants to exchange numbers and he says it's not necessary. I was still in shock and it's my first accident where it was my fault so I didn't know exactly what to do. I'm 18 and he seemed to be in his 40's and it was dark outside so I didn't get out of my car to copy down his LISCENCE plate or take a picture of the scratch. My question is that if I don't have his number how will I know how bad the scratch is and if he is going to file a claim or not or if I should file a claim. Also, my side view mirror is plastic so could it have really created a black scratch on his white car? Are damages from plastic easily fixable with a buffer?
  2. A new automotive safety accessory: a steering wheel cover that would vibrate in unsafe driving conditions that detects high BAC, abnormal heart rates, and absence of hands on the wheel. We find this accessory to help create safe roads and to be an incentive to help reduce the cost of insurance. Where do you see benefits in this product? Where is this lacking value? What additional features to this product could interest you? Have you ever heard of a product comparable to this one?
  3. im a new driver and im looking for cars. iminterested in getting something cool and sporty looking, but that is difficult for guy my age. so far ive been looking at subaru impreza's, BMW 3series, and volkswagen golf gti's and jetta's. so far i have found a few i like but im unsure on how the insurance would be on them. my parents say that the insurance agency (State Farm) will charge alot for a two door car or if it has "sport" or anything to do with being sporty or some what fast. so far i have found a local 2003 VW golf GTI VR6, this BMW 325ci http://www.cars.com/...49924/overview/ and this Subaru impreza 2.5 rs http://www.cars.com/...12456/overview/ so im pretty much asking what would be the best deal for a kid my age insurance wise and what would be "cool" for someone my age? thanks,
  4. I came across this article today: goo.gl/gd9EC. Kind of a cool idea, paying for car insurance by the mile. I know there have been discounts in the past, but this is the first time I've heard of a company actually tracking your mileage and then charging that way. It seems fair to me, although I suspect I'd probably end up paying more. Anyone heard of this before? What are your thoughts?
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