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Found 3 results

  1. Hey im buying my first car soon and dont know which car to choose from the ones i mentioned in the title and was hoping for some assisstance ... im no car expert but here are the reasons i want each ... Impala - new design looks awsome (ext and int ) , powerful 3.6L V6 (compared to the 328i's I4 ), lotsof great features like the blind spot assist , has nav , good ground clearance (7.1 inch or somethin ). 328i M sport - even better design than the impala (especially the estirol blue with coral interior looks amazing ) , good but not as good as the V6 I4 engine , very comfortable cockpit , the on glass HUD , decent ground clearance (5.5 inch)(cuz i live in a place with lots of bumps ). i know im probably missing lots of technical and important stuff but that why im here ... can u guys help me decide ?
  2. Near the summer I will be getting some better headlights but I need some suggestions on brands, plus they have to be street legal in Illinois as well. I have been looking at the HID lights but I am getting mixed reviews, any suggestions welcome because the factory installed lights are not bright enough for me.
  3. Okay so I have a 2004 impala just over 100,000 miles. This has just started happening and total of say about three or four times now. Here's what's going on. I'll come out to my car and try to start it and nothing happens. It doesn't make any sounds it just won't start. Head lights, radio ect all work but it's like the car is dead besides that. If I wait around a little while it will usually start. Longest ive had to wait was 25 minutes. It doesn't happen everytime just randomly. I went to auto zone and they ran a test on the alternator and starter and nothing came up as wrong. It's not the battery either because it's only six months old and I've tested it with a meter and it read out as good. No check engine lights come on either. Ran another test at auto zone to see if any codes would come back telling me what might be wrong and nothing. Ive checked the battery terminals, wires conecting to the starter and altinator which are all fine. I've had the car a year and a half (used) and it has never done this before now. I would really appreciate if someone could maybe tell me what it could be so I can check the car. Sorry this is so long just trying to be detailed.
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