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Found 3 results

  1. Hello, I am posting this question on behalf of my mother, regarding a 1994 Mazda Miata that she only drives once a week for short errands. The neighbor advised that she idle/run the engine for ten to fifteen minutes every few days to improve the health of the car. Lately she noticed the hood getting very hot during these sessions. The summer heat contributes but she thinks it is still too hot. The meter in the dashboard that gives a hot/cool reading points to just below halfway, after the engine has been idling for a while. When she drives a few minutes down the road for weekly errands the meter's dial will point to just below halfway between hot and cool, also. Is this normal? She will need to drive a half-hour trip soon and I want to be sure the car is fit to drive that far. Any help is appreciated!
  2. My carbon fiber hood was extremely weathered when I got it, yesterday afternoon I sanded it down and used a rubbing compound. I put a layer of clear coat on and had an emergency and had to leave. I haven’t had time to finish it the past couple days and now the clear coat is dried and it’s only one thin layer and is not very even (obviously). The hood already looks very good but should I sand the clear coat and even it out and then continue with clear coating or apply the rest of the clear coat onto the first completely dried layer and then sand and polish as I was planning? Please let me know I have never done this before and am unsure of how to get the best results.
  3. Hey guys, I made a rookie mistake. I accidentally forgot I had a screw in my hand and when I went down to look under the car. My hand had popped against the front bumper releasing the screw to land right on top of my Intercooler. Upon trying to get it out I pushed it further right between the radiator and Intercooler. At this point I’m assuming it has dropped on the splash guard, but if not what risk does this impose when I’m driving. Will it be fine? Thank you for your time! the picture below is where it landed and than the arrow points to where it has gone to.
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