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Found 34 results

  1. So I have a 99 Honda CR-V. It looses power as I drive and so I pull over and then it won’t start again. I doubt it’s the battery. After it takes a rest it starts up again. Coolant gets filled twice a week. Oil is normal color. I think it’s the radiator but I’m not sure. It over heated once a little and noticed I didn’t have any coolant. Any suggestions?? I don’t know much about cars but I like to learn new things and the necessities.
  2. Hi I’m new here I mainly came here because I’m on the fence between whether I should sell my 2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT and get a super clean condition 2000 Honda Civic Si for those who don’t know this is a really rare civic in the United States especially in almost perfect condition fully stock unmolested so I’ve come here I really like my eclipse but I also really really like the Civic si the eclipse is an automatic which I don’t like but I got a good deal on it and he Civic si is a manual both cars are in very very good condition just don’t know if I should keep my eclipse or get the Civic please HELP😬😩
  3. I bought a used 2010 Honda Accord LX from a used car dealership. I was very excited to purchase my vehicle because I was 17 and it was going to be my first car. (I’m now 18) My breaks completely stopped working after the first month, my mechanic had to charge the front calipers, rotors, and brake pads. It happened again, with the back ones, replaced calipers, rotors, and brake pads. It happened another time and my dad had to call my mechanic again and he did another brake job. I have all my receipts for the labor done. Now I can’t even accelerate over 60mph without having problems, not sure if it’s the engine or transmission but it doesn’t really matter right now. I have been looking up laws like the Lemon Law, and the Magnuson Moss Warranty Act. I’ve spent over $1400 on fixing this car. I don’t know whether I should sue or not. I work at Subaru and I can use the money I receive as a down payment for a new car. My Honda has some scratches, is it worth sueing them and trying to receive a refund? It’s only been about 5-6 months I’ve been using it. Not to mention when I bought it I didn’t know a lot about cars, salesman told me it was a V6 ended up being an inline four.
  4. Car: 1999 Honda Accord V6. I recently started having problems with my car starting. It started a little while after I changed out my bad alternator. My other alternator went bad because of the voltage regulator (I think). I'm not car savvy but I want to try to address this problem myself before I take it to a shop and pay out the ass. The car will crank but won't start, and banging around underneath the steering wheel will eventually get it to start. Not sure if its related, but the light behind my D4 on the dashboard comes on when its able to start and it wont start when the light isnt on. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Please help me diagnose. I ran this 8th gen civic si k20z3 mistakenly with little to no oil in it, no engine light or codes popped up. The oil level showed at the tip end of dipstick but barely. I drove it hard and hit vtec everyday for 2 weeks before i checked my oil again. But now its making this sound after a long ride. No power loss in the high end RPMs, little power loss low end What do you think it is? Timing chain/Vtc, crank shaft bearing, bent valves? You can hear the video: https://youtu.be/HV7Dg-t4WAI
  6. Hello! I'm seeking for a professional opinion and advice. I'm planning to buy a car and I have two options: 1. Finance new Hyundai elantra 2019 and it comes with 5 year warranty bumper to number and 10 or 100.000 miles protection on engine, transmission, electronics and etc. major problems that company covers in case it brakes. Or the option n2 which is a used Honda civic sedan 2015 with 35k miles but with no protection plan and no bumper to bumper insurance. So here I'm choosing between Hyundai that have a tendency to break very often or a reliable Honda but without any protection that might go up to 300k miles without breaking up. ( which I'm not sure, but that's what I heard). Would appreciate a professional and reasonable adive. Thank you. P.s sorry for a bad english
  7. Hey guys, I made a rookie mistake. I accidentally forgot I had a screw in my hand and when I went down to look under the car. My hand had popped against the front bumper releasing the screw to land right on top of my Intercooler. Upon trying to get it out I pushed it further right between the radiator and Intercooler. At this point I’m assuming it has dropped on the splash guard, but if not what risk does this impose when I’m driving. Will it be fine? Thank you for your time! the picture below is where it landed and than the arrow points to where it has gone to.
  8. Hey! I am student at San Diego State University and am working on a project currently and trying to gain some more opinions and responses about a new autonomous ride hailing service that is coming soon. Please take this short survey if you have a chance. Thank you! https://sdsubusiness.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_55RWr4XJIjgGTl3
  9. Howdy people, I need help trying to figure out what transmissions could potentially fit into my car but I am swapping the engine so I thought about reaching out to find if certain trannies won't fit. I was going to do a k series swap out of a Honda but I don't know if it will fit, any advice? btw its a 2013 chevy Cruze
  10. Hi so recently my brakes went out on me and went to the floor. I could still stop the car but it was difficult so I took my 2001 Honda Accord to the shop and they said I needed new brake lines and calipers, rotors, and pads so I got that all fixed besides 2 of the 4 rotors and pads but the brakes were still spongy and I have no idea why. I thought this would make the brakes so they were in good condition but the brakes are still spongy and im not sure why. Please help me if you know anything about this.
  11. Hi, I am 16 years old and am pretty sure I am either getting a 8th gen civic for my first car. It will not be a SI because of insurance but it will most likely be an EX Sedan. I am planning to add coilovers to the car and swap the stock engine and transmission if I do not get a manual civic, I was just wondering on the best build for me. I am looking to get at least 300 wheel horsepower and my budget would be about 2.5 grand for the engine swap. I also plan on keeping the new engine I get on an engine stand out of the car until I can get a decent 12lb psi turbo. Just let me know what you guys think the most fun and reliable civic would be for a $2500 engine, I love the new K series parts from the I love the new K series in the Type R but wayyy too expensive lol, I've been considering a K24A2 or A4 but I've heard B18s are something to consider also for a daily driver (which my civic will be). Anyways let me know what you think below this and any tips you could give me, have a great day and thank you.
  12. Hey, so I'm a college guy, 24 years old, 6 ft. tall and have a slipped disk in my back due to a car accident almost 2 yr ago. I need to commute to college almost every day that takes about an hour and some change back and forth. I am basically looking for a manual transmission vehicle with either good seats/lumbar support that is easy to work/learn on, so far I have boiled it down to a Honda Accord because I love the seats since I don't really fit too well in a civic si (haven't been able to try out the type r) a Subaru Outback 2010 or newer because of the redesign/seats/lumbar support and overall look. what are some of the issues I should look out for? Are there any other manual cars I should be looking into? I was also looking into a Kia Rio. I am not looking to drop jaws wherever I go I just need a car to basically get me from point A to point B. I also not a fan of technology for the most part. And lastly, it would be fantastic to find a car that can also house 4 people comfortably who are also roughly the same height as me. any suggestions?
  13. Hello everyone! I have a few issues with my car. I’ve had it about 5 years now and am the second owner over all so it means most issues are due to age or myself. I’ll separate as many as I can i’m Only looking for possible easy solutions I can do at home. I understand it’s probably best to take it to a mechanic for most issues but I don’t have the 2k+ for most issues. Just over a year ago I got into an accident which bent my gram slightly on the passenger side hood. Only significant damage is a bent hood slightly bent frame and bumper is cracked but won’t fall off. I’m not too worried about replacing them or fixing them mostly because it is a 90% cosmetic issue. Small rust forming that I can easily repair myself. The main issue stemming from it is that the frame is holding in one of my fluids which could cause and issue if I need to remove parts in that area. next issue (caused by me) ran my oil on low for just over a year. Mostly due to barely making 1k a month not enough for bills the oil change light never came on. Now I know that’s no excuse for not taking care of my only form of transport. But this is my first car gimme a break. I think it may be an issue with my computer as my gas light never came on and my check engine light never comes on when I have major issues. Always when it’s something small and stupid hat I can fix for cheap. So it concerns me a lot as I love my car very much. It took me a few years to realize it’s my most valuable possession. So of course I want to fix it up. And putting in my own work is what will encourage me to keep it in tip top shape. next issue is my paint. I have seen videos online about redoing your own paint I am looking for suggestions on the best way to do it. My clear coat is cracked due to age and Honda using crappy products also no one took care of it before I got it. Like I said if I can do the whole car myself that would be best! last issue timing belt is due for change but I have a rattle in the engine occurring when I accelerate from a slow speed. It goes away when i’m At higher speeds about 50mph and higher. My guess is the timing belt and something is loose which will probably fix the issue the moment the belt is replaced. This one is more of a mystery than the rest. i can give more info on the secs of the car if it helps just let me know! This car is gonna be my super project for the next 5 or so years. Want to repaint it black and interior white and completely blacked out. With racing seats and tear out the back seats to extend the trunk. (Thinking of converting it to manual but not sure due to effort of doing so) i know very little about cars and fixing them but it would be nice to learn how to take care of mine. Especially since my dream car is a ‘73 Ford falcon XB GT coupe. any and all tips and advice are welcome! Thank you in advance! ❤️❤️❤️
  14. The car: 1983 Honda Accord DX My step-dad gave me his car before he left town. Before I had a chance to get it registered I lost the keys. He signed off on the title, but without taking through emmisions testing, I can't get it registered. The dealership and AAA say they will only make a key for the registered owner. How can I get a new key if I'm not the registered owner? I have the title signed by my step-dad. He's not able to come help.
  15. Is this the right bulb for fog lights? My car is Honda. Unsure. Thanks for all replies. this
  16. the tires have air pressure in them. I purchased a 2010 Acura TSX and the first thing I noticed is both the TMPS warning display and low pressure signal (!) come on every time starting the vehicle. This Acura also has aftermarket rims on it, and 18" instead of the factory 17". I told the dealer about this concern, but he told me the aftermarket rims are what's causing the warning lights to activate. He said the sensor is synchronized with the original factory rims/tire size, thus the aftermarket rims "confuse" the sensor into thinking there is low tire pressure, even though there's not. I find this a bit hard to believe; not many would replace their rims if it meant dealing with a permanent warning light for the duration of that car's life. Is there a way to reset the sensor?
  17. General Motors and Honda Motor Co. plan to invest $85 million to build hydrogen fuel cell stacks for next-generation green vehicles at a factory in Michigan.
  18. Hi everyone! I am doing a project on the car dealership process and how we can improve it. Can you please help me by filling out this short survey? http://ucimerage.az1.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_6x0uLaB52Qg5aAd Thank you!!!
  19. Hi, My dad's looking at Lexus SUVs for around $15k (dealer price), but around that price you can only find older 2004-2006 SUVs with 130k+ mileage here in Alabama whereas for the same price you could get a 50k mileage 2011 RAV4, CRV, or other Honda/Toyota SUVs. But he still thinks that even older Lexus SUVs will still have better reliability, will last longer with less maintenance, have better features, have better parts like engine/transmission/suspension/etc than newer Toyota/Honda SUVs. How can I convince him otherwise? Like, are there any good sites/resources/articles with comparisons or sites where I can get detailed car specs as proof? Or am I wrong here, and older Lexus SUVs actually are better buys than newer Toyota/Honda SUVs at the same price?
  20. So I ordered a keyless entry kit from ebay and when it arrived I tried to install it. I installed it on a 98 civic ex coupe that had a green keyless entry plug behind the radio. I plugged the parking light indicator and the unlock and lock wires to the cars accordingly yet the remotes did not work. the device had power because I would hear clicks when I clicked buttons on the remote. Honestly I may have just wired it wrong but not even the parking lights lit when I clicked lock or unlock. I know how to wire things into my car however the kit did not come with instructions that I can understand. Can someone help me. Here is what the kit looks like incase someone bought the same one.
  21. Thanks all for taking the time to read this one.. I recently purchased a 1997 Honda Accord SE 2.2L NON VTEC, with 143K. I have put about 500 miles on it so far and its been running great other than shaking quite a bit at idle especially with the AC on. The transmission shifts a bit hard under any speed but I did show on the OBDII that the transmission speed sensor was not working. Anyway that's the quick about the car. The issue is I went to start the car two days ago after parking it the night before and the engine just turned and turned but never lit. I turned it off stuck my head out the door and turn the key once and could hear the fuel pump prime and we had plenty of gas. I pushed her in the garage and let it sit over night. Woke up the next morning to troubleshoot and firstly tried to start it again, no dice just spun and didn't lite. I was able to recollect back to an issue I had with my Honda Passport 6 years ago where it sat for 8 months and when I tried to start it the timing belt had stretched enough to jump a tooth on the CAM and I had to replace the belt to get it running again (I was able to verify that by checking the marks on the belt before removal). That was my first plan of attack on the Accord. Got the front cover off and noticed the Honda brand belt was real loose on each side of the cam like it was stretched or the tensioners weren't doing their job. I didn't, but could have slid the belt off the CAM if I wanted without loosening anything else. So next I took the crank pully off to find the marks on the gear behind it. I lined up TDC on the crank and the two marks on the CAM and they appeared to correct. I didn't check the alignment of the balancer belt. I figured I had it this far apart and have been wanting to change the belts anyway. I removed the timing and balancer belt and compared them to the new belts, the old belts looked pretty good, I tried to lay them on top of each other to see if one looked stretched out and held both in my hands while pulling on them but they appeared to be the exact length. I lined everything up and installed the timing and balancer belts tightened the tensioners after spinning the crank a few times counterclockwise. Belts seem tight. I crossed my fingers and attempted to start the engine and it just cranked and cranked then realised I would need to connect the spark plug wires to the plugs for this to work (it was 4:30AM). Cranked it again and it sounded more like it wanted to start but it was hesitant too, gave it some gas and it fired right up. YES! I let it run for 5 minutes, turned it off and cranked it again normally and it fired right up, just like it used to. My problem at this point is trying to figure out what the F is going on.. If all my marks were lined up on the old belt (never did check the balancer belt) but it wouldn't start and now it fires up with the new belt on the same marks what gives here? It's also strange to me that it would be a bit hesitant and not light without giving gas after the new belt was installed, to me it should have just lit. Help me out guys anything would be appreciated...
  22. I'm going to get my first car soon and I'm looking for either a BMW, Honda, Lexus, or Mazda and I wanted to know which years each company has had its best year and its worst year. From the years of 1996 - 2001, so I can decide which car I want to pick. All feedback is appreciated.
  23. Hello folks, I had a question about synthetic oil VS conventional. I figured there might have been a sticky here somewhere, but haven't found any. Anyway, my question was, is synthetic really that much better than conventional oil? These are a few advantages I hear about synthetics: They don't leave sludge inside the engine. They last much longer than conventional because it doesn't break down under high heat They cause less wear and tear to the engine itself They're just wayyyyyy better overall? I don't know guys. If synthetics are that much more superior, then why doesn't everybody use it? If conventional is that much worse, then why do so many people use it? My main question is, is my engine going last so much longer in a better working state if I use synthetic oil compared to conventional??? Thank y'all in advance!
  24. Hey, I'm looking to buy a new car, preferably a Honda. The car dealership closest to me offers a 2013 Honda civic for $159 a month. I want to either lease that or buy a used 2012 Civic for about $14,000. Is that a decent deal?? And is there a significant difference between the two models? They seem the same to me..That's the dealer that I go to. http://southhillshonda.com/inventory/Used/ I appreciate the help!!
  25. G'day, I recently purchased a 1997 Anniversary Edition Honda Accord Vti, 2.2 Lt V4. It is in immaculate condition, silver and golden grace notes, electric sun roof ect. You can look it up. This is my first car and I could not have wished for better! I really prefer luxury riding over sports interiors, but I do like a good performance engine. This car has a bit more grunt to it than my mums Suzuki swift, but the Honda Accord weighs about 300 kg's more to be fair.... I am seriously considering having a cold air intake installed in the Accord, which I ascertain could improve acceleration, increase fuel efficiency, and protect the engine with a better air filter. I understand the engine will sound different, but that does not concern me. I am fairly new to car engines (coming from an aviation background), so I am wondering if there are some people here who can share their experience with installing cold air intakes. Was there a noticeable change in performance? Did you burn less fuel? Does it increase engine life? Is there any reason I should not get the cold air intake? Do I need to upgrade the handling if I get one put in? Front strut tower brace perhaps.... I appreciate any advice and information. Thank you.
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