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Found 8 results

  1. As a driver, you likely take headlights for granted. You expect them to work when you need them to be working, no matter whether they turn on automatically or you have to do it manually. But like everything, headlights have a lifespan — and a headlight’s lifespan isn't necessarily when the bulb burns out completely, as it may be functioning, yet with poor light quality. Whatever the case, one thing is certain: A burned out or poorly working headlight is only impacting your safety, as well as the safety of drivers on the surrounding road. This post will take a closer look at headlight longevity. How Long Do Headlights Last? How long will your headlights last? To know this, we must know what kinds of headlight you installed in your truck. Different types of headlight has different lifespan. There are four main types of headlights, each of which have different lifespans. Here's a look at them: Halogen Headlight: 450-1,000 hours Xenon Headlight: About 10,000 hours HID Headlight: About 2,000 hours LED Headlight: Up to 30,000 hours
  2. Hi, I have a 2007 Mitsubishi Outlander and would like to get LED headlights. The only thing is that I don't know what do get. I have been looking at just getting the bulbs replaced, but I don't quite know which ones are good. Does anyone have any recommendations on what I should get? Anything would be helpful. Here are the ones that I was looking at: https://www.xenonhids.com/low-beam-9006-full-xenon-hid-conversion-kit.html?i=Db7WPx https://www.xenonhids.com/high-beam-9005-full-xenon-hid-conversion-kit.html?i=vxkvw2 The other thing that I was wondering about is, is there a separate light for the DRL or does that tie in with the low beams? Thank you
  3. So I’ve got an 08 Patriot. A few days ago, the headlights and taillights turn on as soon as I start the car, and turn off when the car is off. The dash dims and remains dim as soon as the lights kick on, as though the headlights were turned on. is this a sign of a failing multifunction switch or is there another likely cause??
  4. Hi everyone, I've recently opened my car's headlights to clean and I decided to paint the housings. I painted them Fluorescent Yellow and they look pretty nice. But I ran into the cops and they said my car will need to be impounded and the licensing officer will take a look and charge me. He said the charges will be "Elimination of Headlights" and "Breach of Fitness" I had to bribe the officer to get off but I want some advice before I reopen the lights and have to return them original. Any thoughts?
  5. I recently noticed moisture in my headlights due to a crack i was unaware of. Unfortunately, i was a bit busy at the time i noticed the condensation so i left it to sit there for a while. Right now i got the condensation problem and the crack fixed but leaving the moisture there for a while caused my daytime running lights to stop working. I went to the dealer and they asked me to buy an entire new $1500 headlight and said it’s the only way to fix it. So i was hoping someone around here might know a way to fix it without having to buy a brand new headlight over some drl’s
  6. How to make sure you are doing it the right way before upgrade your headlights? Before you upgrade your headlights, you should make sure you are doing it the right way. Here are some things you should do before upgrading your headlights: Choose the Right Bulbs – One of the easiest ways you can mess up your headlights is to install the wrong light bulb! When you are investing in LED bulbs for your vehicle, it’s vital that you spend some time researching your vehicle and learning more about what types of bulbs it needs. If you aren’t sure, you can use our bulb finder. Clean Your Headlights – Whether you have a new vehicle that you have been driving around for about a year or are in a classic car that needs a little work, it doesn’t hurt to spend some time cleaning your headlights. There are dozens of cleaner out there on the market, but many people swear by simple toothpaste and a brush. Purchase Bulbs from a Company You Trust. If you’ve been searching “find headlights for my car” and coming up empty, you are in luck. Novsight will help you discover the right bulbs for your needs.
  7. I was wondering what the difference between these two trucks are (aside from appearance). They are both 1991 Gmc Sierras I believe, but why does one have square lights and one have rectangle lights? Was one a more sportier trim or is one 2wd and the other 4wd? I was just curious because I can hardly find pictures on the sierra with the square lights.
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