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Found 3 results

  1. Hey guys how is it going? this my first post in carforums.com 😍 , lets see how this goes, I have a Volkswagen polo GT, I don't drive it that much because of my treacherous office timings so I opted for cab, and during the weekends I take it out for a ride, as weekend was nearing by I was waiting to go for a ride ,this incident happened when I was in Basant Nagar and it was around 7 pm when I reached the beach there , I locked my car near the beach road and was having a good weekend with my friends, when we returned back at 9 my car was not there and could find broken glass pieces all over the road we tried our level best to search for it but couldn't find it ,the person who stole my car did not know that I had an OBD GPS tracker installed in my car, one of my trusted friend suggested me this OBD GPS tracker https://vamosys.com/obd-tracker/ don't want to brag about it, to keep it simple, man!! I had installed this OBD tracker four years ago and never used it , I was being kind of sceptical when my car was stolen because I know that my car had GPS Tracker which I had installed 4 years ago I don't know whether it would work or not, after some tries yes it worked without any hassle and could track where my car is and the best part is I cut off the ignition through their app, I and friends went to the location and we could see him why the car won't turn on smiley36.gif we caught him and gave him a kind slap 🤣and handed over him to the police, I would suggest everyone install a GPS tracker on their car whatever the brand maybe it is a must .
  2. My Hyundai ix35 , year 2014, had the navigation system stored in a sd card, that is inserted next to the display screen of the car. Few months ago, I was searching for a sd card, so I temporarily took the one that was in the car , and accidentally formatted it. And now the GPS doesn’t work cause the folder has been deleted. The official website asks me to pay 140$ to update my sd card. I don’t wanna pay that. Is there any solution? Thank you.
  3. http://www.indiegogo...apps-in-one-box Looks Promising if it can do everything it says: Custom dashboards with charting and programable safety alerts Record your track day with our racing overlays Measure your car's performance, track it over time Reduce your car's gas bills, know your car's unique fuel consumption profile Blackbox data recorder, evidence if you get into an accident Your own personal cloud to store your performance data you think? What do you think?
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