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Found 6 results

  1. Genesis have launched their 1st Genesis SUV called Genesis GV80 on Jan. 15th. On the launch day, there were just so many journalists there, so we couldn’t really show you the design of Genesis GV80. So, we are here at the Goyang Hyundai Motor Studio to show you the car one more time. So, if you have any questions, let me know. #genesisgv80 #genesissuv #hyundaigenesis https://youtu.be/MUCDc-evDU0
  2. Let’s go for the FIRST DRIVE with GENESIS GV80. Did you guys enjoy our 1st live streaming that showed the design of Genesis GV80? Now during this 2nd live session, we will show you how this Genesis GV80, the 1st SUV from Genesis actually drives on the road. Can it drive better than Genesis G90? It’s our 1st time, too. So, let’s get out there and show you how this new SUV from Genesis feels like on the road.
  3. Where is the Genesis GV80? I thought GV80 was going to be introduced here in Korea, but i am completely wrong. Sorry about the wrong information. And today let me give you update on new cars for 2020 year. (Feat. Sorento, Sedona, Sportage, Elantra, Tucson and Santa Fe) Let’s start. #genesisgv80 #genesissuv #hyundaigenesis https://youtu.be/EaYOVLQQ6w8
  4. On Dec. 3rd, images of Genesis GV80 have been leaked in Korea. So, i simply wanted to share the leaked images of 1st Genesis SUV with you guys. And Genesis GV80 is not still launched here in Korea, so i wanted to give you few updates about Genesis SUV. So, let’s get started. #genesissuv #genesisgv80 #genesis https://youtu.be/ZBgut2JkVCk
  5. Genesis is planning to launch another SUV - 2nd SUV called Genesis GV70. It will be little brother of Genesis GV80. It would be heavily influenced by Genesis G70 sedan. So, let’s see what is difference between Genesis GV80 and Genesis GV70. Let’s begin. https://youtu.be/zn3QG1W5Z4c
  6. Hi, Guys. Time for another spy shot review. Last time we talked about Genesis G80, but today let’s talk about Genesis GV80, which will be 1st SUV from Genesis. As SUV demands grow Genesis will launch GV80 for the 1st time and GV70 will follow the SUV line up within a year. So, let me show you what we know so far about the car. 1.Thank you kolesa.ru for the rendering image https://www.kolesa.ru/news/krossover-genesis-pervye-izobrazheniya 2.Thank you motor1 for the images and inspiration https://www.motor1.com/news/363635/genesis-gv80-spy-photos/ https://youtu.be/QbOfvltUdRo
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