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Found 2 results

  1. I drive a lexus rx 300 1999 SUV with 160000 miles..when it was purchased there was always a transmission sensor problem but it has driven well until recently. Last December it started to buck while in drive and this week it happened again after driving for 20 minutes. It felt so bad on the car I had it towed to the mechanic. The tow guy put the car in neutral and I picked the car back up the following day. I was told the reverse was gone but I would be able to use other gears. The mechanic also drained fuilds out and refilled. The engine runs good and I checked the transmission fluid level before pulling off. It indicated a pink color and on the cool line. When I pulled off the tires did seem to rub a little. I reached 3 blocks with no bucking before the car just stop moving. None of the gears responded. I remember hearing crackle and loose sounds on and off while driving the 3 blocks. I called for a tow truck and when he tried putting the car in neutral it did not respond. He tried going forward and the car drove backwards as well. He said my transmission locked and it will not be possible to tow. With effort we were able to tow home. Is this common?????? Did my transmission just randomly fail?? What are the indication of a failing transmission ?
  2. I recently just bought a Nissan Altima (2008), from a friend. It was super loud and needed brakes repaired but that wasn’t a problem. After the brakes and mufflers (dual) were replaced, I noticed that the car was still very loud in the cabin. I also had to be adjusted to the cars inability to shift gears. It often “stalls” or just won’t accelerate when I make turns, but will jolt a few seconds later to a proper speed. Now the car does get to any speed I need, but not without a loud humming noise and my rpms are consistently at 5k close to 6 even, just going no more than 45 mph. I asked my mechanic about it and he said nothing was wrong with the transmission, so I tried seeking other possibilities. I was told by fellow car “experts” that it could be a dirty fuel injector, but again my mechanic said it doesn’t need any cleaning, “it’s finnneee”. Is he lying to me? If so why? He says the car is absolutely fine but it’s very frusterating to be beeped at by people thinking that I’m just purposefully driving 20 mph under the speed limit and then getting nearly whiplashed to 50 mph a few seconds later. I’ve looked up everything and can’t find an answer, please help!
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