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Found 3 results

  1. Greetings! I know many of you have already played these fantastic vehicle simulation games. But, if you don't play vehicle simulation games, then you need to play them. These are not only a good way to pass spare time but has too many benefits. Specifically, if we talk about American Truck Simulator, then you wouldn't only get decent graphic but real looking maps of different states of American will increase your exposure. New truck, trailer and even car mods like this https://atsmod.net/american-truck-simulator-mods/ats-cars/ will enhance your knowledge about distinct features of vehicles. On the other hand, they would also improve your mental controllability to hand risky and stressful driving situations. Yes, in many cases, it has been noticed that drivers who ride on simulators handle a dangerous driving situation effectively. All in all, I would suggest driving to play must vehicle simulation games like ATS and ETS 2. You are also welcomed to discuss the pros and cons of vehicle simulation games here.
  2. Hey all, I got this idea from another forum. The rules are simple. I start out with 4 words. The next poster will use the LAST word as his or her first word. Then his or her last word will be the next poster's first word. An example..... Poster 1: I want some bananas Poster 2: Bananas are truly edible Poster 3: Edible? I don't know... Poster 4: Know the car makes Poster 5: Makes: Dodge, Nissan, BMW Lets START..... This forum is active
  3. Hello, all car game lovers out there. I have a new game for you. It's called Gear & Piston by LudiCreations. It's a board game where you and other people compete to invent and make the best car. It's set in a nice, steampunk feel, which I personally really enjoy. You build your cars piece by piece by inventing and making new parts, scavenging through the junk yard, etc. It's looking to be a pretty cool game. Gear & Piston is currently being funded in a Kickstarter. It has already reached its goal, so the game WILL be released, and now we're working on funding stretch goals to enhance the game. If anyone is interested in getting more details on this upcoming, cool board game, please check out the Kickstarter and hopefully pledge to get a copy of your own when it comes out. Here's a convenient link to their Kickstarter for all who're interested. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/ludicreations/gear-and-piston-board-game Thanks for your time everyone, and I hope some of you are interested and help back this project with us.
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