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Found 3 results

  1. Recently I got a 2006 Nissan 350z (Enthusiast trim) with 250,000 miles (mostly highway). The previous owner was quite the stoner, judging by what we found in the various interior compartments during its first detail. After checking around the car, I noticed that the previous owner, let's call him Chad, had installed an aftermarket audio system and subwoofer. Great right? Who doesn't love getting a little extra in their investments? Well, let's just say that Chad was probably high as a kite when he installed this system. The first thing we noticed was that the subwoofer was set to take all frequencies of audio, not just the low ones. In case you didn't know, subwoofers are specifically designed to handle and play the lower sounds in your music. Alright, we said, maybe that was a little dumb but it isn't a huge deal and we can just fix it real quick. Well, as I was finishing up the installation of my first mod (a CAI) we noticed that something looked a little off by the battery. The wiring for the audio system, to be exact. When we took a look at the wires we found a fuse on the negative wire and absolutely nothing on the positive wire. Anyone who has basic electrical knowledge would know just how wrong that is. I was shocked to find out that I had been driving around with such a dangerous fire hazard under my hood. If something had gone wrong with the wiring there would have been absolutely nothing to prevent my car from bursting into flames. I wish I had taken a picture! Of course, we fixed it and all is right now, but man that was something...
  2. Ok so, I have a 2009 holden cruze. The headunit (radio) started turning off a few months back by itself till it came to a point where it doesn't work at all. I've looked online for a answer to what it might be. Came back with check the fuses which I have and it seems perfectly fine and then I got another answer where a lot of people are changing the negative battery cable as its a fault from the manufacturer. The problem is, I cant seem to find where I could buy the negative battery cable anywhere for the 2009 model. only the 2011-2015 is available. Ive searched everywhere on the net. as a side note to this issue, If I disconnect the radio from the back and plug it back in, it works for a short period before going back to not working. Does anyone have any suggestions on where I could find this part and or have had a similar issue to of what I have.
  3. So my car bottomed out the other day. It landed pretty hard. I noticed that my emissions light came on about 10 minutes after. I got home, checked underneath to see what might have been damaged. The bottom was not dented at all. Even the oil and tranmission fluid was not leaking (I know a different light comes on for this but I checked to see if anything was damaged.) Well, I took the car out the next day and the cigaret lighter fuse burned out. I thought maybe it had been loosend from the drop and burned out. It did not feel lose though. I removed it and notified my emissions light on my dashboard display turned itself off. I replaced the fuse. Everything seemed fine for 2-3 days and the emissions light came back on again. About 30 min later the cigaret lighter went out again. I have not gotten to go into the fuse box but I assume the fuse is burned out again. Any ideas at to what can be wrong with this? Any help is appreciated! Thanks! Mark
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