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Found 5 results

  1. We are pursuing action from the government to provide relief to the public by reducing tax on fuel for a period of 2 years. So far, our petition has reached 27,000 signatures. We have received a response from the government which can be found on the website along with our reply. Our petition is aiming to reduce fuel duty and VAT by 40% for a period of 2 years. Fuel prices have reached an all-time high and we need your help to stop the rise! Every signature really makes a difference and is the only way to make an impact. Please sign the petition and share to family and friends. www.fuelpetition.co.uk
  2. We own a 2008 Vauxhall Vectra (Diesel). When taking off in first gear, the vehicle has little power and struggles to build speed until we change gear or accelerate for long enough. This also happens at around 60-70mph... theres just no speed. We have noticed that after filling the fuel tank to the top, the problem goes away. Im thinking fuel pump, injectors, filter maybe? This problem started after we went through a small flood and got a engine management light... water in the system? Or maybe because we didnt bleed the system after we ran out of fuel? Someone suggested the turbo however theres no strange sounds, noises, or smoke coming from the car. However i have noticed a string smell of fuel/emissions coming from the car while idle. Apart from this the car is perfect and everything is fine. Please help!
  3. When I talking about misfire some days ago, got a comment saying that she had misfire before and it turned out to be sensor issue. Then it occurs to me that there is an occasion that sensors are working fine, the actual problem is AFR inappropriate. The syndrome of this problem could be car shaking/trembling, idle speed goes too high and too low, even misfire. So I use my Topdon Artipad to scan the DTC, and got P0171. There are many possible reason for this code, you can google it, but I will summarize the essence is too much air too little fuel. When AFR is incorrect, it actually means fuel is less and air too much, the essence is too much O2 in emission. For fuel system, when air intake is fixed, the AFR will be incorrect if fuel intake is low due to component issue. For exhaust system, when air intake is fixed, air leak, O2 sensor and AFR sensor detect and exhaust system related EGR should also be considered. For the intake system, when air intake is fixed, sensor features change, leads to fuel intake less than normal. For ignition system, when air intake is fixed, what’s the reason? Think about it, when misfire, mixed gas not completed burnt, O2 sensor or AFR sensor detect too much O2 in exhaust pipe. Some inexperienced technicians might think O2 sensor and AFR sensor broken that cause this problem. But I think the exact opposite, the sensors are working just fine. P0171 and P0172 are generated because they are monitoring, but, if you don’t fix the issue asap, sensors will be dead after a while. For my last article on misfire, you can click to my profile or search "my shallow analysis on engine misfire".
  4. If you have put wrong fuel in your petrol car or diesel car in Sefton, you do not need to feel embarrassed because, more than 150,000 motorists fill wrong fuel in their vehicles every year. We provide the ultimate wrong fuel services in Sefton. Our trainers will solve the wrong fuel of your on the spot. Contact : 03335777353 For more Detail: https://bit.ly/2FYXt4w
  5. My '94 villager just suddenly quit this morning as I was backing out of my driveway. No weird noises, no surging, no sputtering - just like someone switched the key off. When I try to restart it, it doesn't even hint of firing up. It just sits there and cranks away. It actually sounds like it doesn't have quite as much compression as it normally does. I hooked up a timing light to the #1 plug wire and confirmed that it is getting spark at TDC, so I know my ignition system is working and my timing belt is good. I disconnected the fuel line right before the fuel rail (post-filter) and I'm getting fuel. My computer has been complaining about a fuel injector circuit fault for a while and it had been running a little rough every now and then. I just figured one of the injectors was going bad and I'd just get around to it when it warmed up a bit. I'm wondering if something in my injector circuit actually died or shorted out. It wouldn't be injecting fuel into the engine, which would explain how it suddenly quit. It might also explain how there seems to be less drag on the starter - if it's not squirting fuel in there along with the air itself, it's got slightly less mass to compress. Does this sound reasonable? If so, how would I go about tracking down something like this?
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