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Found 5 results

  1. I am a 17 y/o who just got an '04 ram 1500 5.7L Hemi as my first car. It's a beast and I love it, but it clearly doesn't get very good gas mileage. I've removed some extra weight, filled my tires to the max PSI, and adjusted my driving habits which has already saved me a couple mpgs as it is, but I'm looking to see if there's anything I can swap out or install that will help. All I've found so far thats promising is a k&n performance air filter and short ram/cold air intake system? Can anyone tell me if these are legit and if there are any other aftermarket parts that can help me out? Not expecting any crazy gains but every bit helps.
  2. I recently adapted to my 1.2 lts 2015 Chevy spark a 500cc roots supercharger to make it a lot faster and fun to drive and economical , and the first two went very well after testing but I saw a dramatic decrease in fuel economy at first was because I was driving like in a race track but then I wanted to see how much economical the car can get so I drove very normal trying to be the most economical possible but my fuel economy just plumb even when I drive normally. when the car was N/A a full tank gave me 560-600km now it gives me like 300-350, i haven't take it to tune or remap. I knew that supercharger take energy from the engine and thus making worse the fuel economy but not that dramatical :( now I'm asking is this normal when adapting a supercharger ? Is there a reason to so poor gas economy? even when driving normally? Is it harming the engine ? Does a remap or tune will get it better ?
  3. Your driving pattern and how you take care of your car can have a huge effect on how much fuel the car is consuming. Here are some top tips that will see you driving past fuel pumps more often. Well-maintained car Make sure the car is services as per the schedule. Regular car check-up - oil change, air-filter change and spark plug replacements , will increase the life of the car and also improve fuel economy and minimize emissions. Proper inflated tyres It is advisable to keep the tyres properly inflated and aligned. This helps in saving fuel. Switch to low rolling resistance tyres is possible. Low rolling resistance tyres are expensive, but according to their makers, the advantages are significant, especially when it comes to fuel efficiency. Read more: How to maximise fuel efficiency?
  4. We invite you to browse increase fuel economy through our store and shop with confidence.
  5. Here, increased engine load means not only additional weights loaded on the car, but also damaged crankshaft or misaligned shaft that may increase the load of the engine resulting in high fuel consumption. So, you should do proper maintenance of your vehicle to keep it proficient and highly fuele economic.
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