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Found 2 results

  1. Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum and would like some advice from anyone who can help. I own a 2008 BMW 3 series e90 m sport and recently had a diagnostic done after noticing a slight misfire and the check engine light coming on. The diagnostic found five faults in the ECM and they are as follows: 2AF4 Nitrogen Oxide Sensor, electronic / 2AF2 Nitrogen Oxide Sensor, lambda linear / 2AF6 Nitrogen Oxide Sensor, lambda binary / 2EF7 Map Thermostat, activation / 29CF Combustion misfires, cylinder 3 I've been looking online for information about nox and lambda sensors but while i feel i have a small understanding of them i'm not sure i understand them entirely. If anyone is able to shine some light onto the issue that would be really helpful. I know I could take it in to a mechanics but if i'm able to do it myself then i'd prefer to do that as I quite like working on my car and who doesn't like saving a little money by doing the job themselves. Thanks in advance. Nathan.
  2. Hi there. First thing: the purpose of this post is not to go to a workshop, because its a really cheap car and im just asking this to see if its an easy fix and i just have missed a simple problem, thank you in advance VIDEO: https://youtu.be/pvMF59tSZDk I have a Seat Arosa 1,0 from 1997 that have gone 171.000 km. Suddently a day this problem appears out of the blue ! Have tried: New sparkplugs, new coil for sparkplug, new gasoline filter, filled tank with 10-12 liters fresh gasoline (to avoid a faulty gasoline gauge showing more gas than it has) Not one bit of improvement doing these thing. It starts perfectly, engine just runs very very bad, it can even get out of 1st. gear but I can slowly move the car pumping the gas and releasing clutch. When I push the gas pedal very little (like resting my foot on it) it winds up to 2-4000 rpm (as shown in video) when I push the pedal more it goes “blrr blrr blrrrrrr and dies to 600-900 rpm) I can also “pump” to gas pedal and it goes up in RPM, again when I push it more than the 0,5 cm it dies. Ideas :O? because im out of ideas after all that I tried.
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