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Found 1 result

  1. Electromagnetic paint: At the first glance, the title seems to be a little bit weird. Well, since the word electromagnetic came just before the word paint, it means that paint will know a different definition this time. Most of you are hearing about this for the first time. Well, for those who just came across this term, let me get them closer to the significance of electromagnetic paint. This later is referring to the ability of making the color or the paint of a car, a motorcycle, or a truck change immediately once it gets touched by electricity. This gives your car the ability to change its color into different colors in just few seconds without the need of your intermediation. It is all automatic. Just imagine how your car will look like if it is painted with paramagnetic paint. Just imagine the looks on the faces of your friends and the crowd in streets. Until now things may be normal, but the non normal thing about it is that the reality of the existence of such paint is still a mystery. Experts and scientists are still trying to figure out a solution to this. The believers of the existence of the electromagnetic paint go a little far by showing amazing videos of some expensive cars that are painted by the electromagnetic paint. In the videos the cars change their colors in just few seconds. They move from green to red, from yellow to blue, from grey to pink and the wonderful thing about all this is the short time in which the whole thing occurred. On the other side, there are the non believers whom they think that the existence of electromagnetic paint or the changing car color paint is just hoax, and those videos on YouTube were made by experts and professionals in videos effects. People are still waiting to know more about this paint, I mean the paramagnetic paint. So, the future may bring a lot of changes that may be able to reveal the truth about car color changing. If it happens to be true, the price will be high for sure. Because you are about to have a multiple car color changing, so you do not have to paint it every year. So, real or fake is up to the coming days. Until then, we are just going to wait with patience, and hope that electromagnetic paint is real and does exist for real.
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