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Found 3 results

  1. In the 80s Japan was the main tech and innovation entity of the world.Cheaper cars mass produced.The small portable cassette player,the walkman,the robot.Today technology has become a free for all.Anyone from any nation can create an app in the comfort of their homes.Japan is stuck in the technology path and needs to become even more creative or change the ball game altogether by venturing into something else Source
  2. Covid 19 will force many economies to go into recession.Only the creative economies will survive Creative Economic Solutions
  3. Hello everyone, I am brand new here and this is my first post so all of your input and consideration is highly appreciated... So I am 16 and have been driving for roughly half a year legally. I drive a 1998 Toyota Corolla LE I got from my parents. Yes I know, the Corolla is not a fun car, and that is the problem. The car is in great shape with only 120k which is nothing at all for a car like that; and I have put tint, rims, new struts, shocks, springs, brakes, and spark plugs into the car to try and make the ride a little more enjoyable. Because the car is a 98 Corolla, I will not waste my time putting legitimate modifications into the 1.8 L 4 Cylinder this car has. MY POINT to all of this is, my dad said he would buy the car back from me and I could use that $ to buy a car I enjoy more. Now I would like to think I do know a decent amount about cars, in fact, cars are probably my greatest hobby; I spend hours upon hours each day reading, watching, and doing anything I can to involve myself with automotives...BUT, I am completely stumped, after looking all over the internet and personally asking car people and mechanics I still cannot decide on a next car... I want this car to be somewhat economic, 25+ mpg, the car does not have to have crazy speed, but I do want it to have a respectable pick up, and I want it to be "fun." A car that gives you more than just A to B; a car the makes you WANT to go to A and B each day; and I would also hope this car is reliable. AND IT MUST BE STICK SHIFT. My price range is roughly $6000-$8000...I know what I am asking is extremely limited and picky, but I have a feeling that that car is out there somewhere; and I hope you fellow car enthusiasts can help me out...Thanks again!
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