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Found 7 results

  1. Hi everyone, We are high school students currently working on an engineering project. The problem our team is working on is glare while driving. We would really appreciate it if you guys fill out our survey. Glare While Driving Survey
  2. There are several hidden features in modern cars, especially related to safety. Here is a fun little video tutorial that shows what a Start-Stop engine button can do. This video is both for experienced drivers and beginners of learning how to drive. ENJOY! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rsQZojgYdFM Click on video title to jump to youtube.
  3. Your driving pattern and how you take care of your car can have a huge effect on how much fuel the car is consuming. Here are some top tips that will see you driving past fuel pumps more often. Well-maintained car Make sure the car is services as per the schedule. Regular car check-up - oil change, air-filter change and spark plug replacements , will increase the life of the car and also improve fuel economy and minimize emissions. Proper inflated tyres It is advisable to keep the tyres properly inflated and aligned. This helps in saving fuel. Switch to low rolling resistance tyres is possible. Low rolling resistance tyres are expensive, but according to their makers, the advantages are significant, especially when it comes to fuel efficiency. Read more: How to maximise fuel efficiency?
  4. Try out driving or riding in a Lambo, Ferrari, Bentley, Aston Martin or Maserti on a professional racetrack with this super cheap deal for only $49 (this is located in jersey, so if you live in jersey, ny, philly or delaware... this deal is really close to you.) http://dealery.com/n...y-up-to-79-off/
  5. Hello folks, My 1988 honda accord dx hatchback with the A20A1 4cyl carb engine is having some issues. I need some feedback and ideas on what might be going on. I would post a picture from the web as to what the car looks like under the hood, but from what I read of the "new member" guide in the topic's root, I'm refraining from posting links. Here are a list of problems/symptoms: -While driving, Engine sometimes sputters and dies, or just cuts out. -Coolant blows out of the broken stem that should go to the reserve tank from the radiator. Often causes white coolant burning on the engine/exhaust manifold. -Moderately profuse oil leak. Seemingly from the Valve Cover Gasket, I can't identify any other sources. Car doesn't seem to burn it. -Battery fried. 2 years old. Oozing from terminal. -Replaced battery. Car drove fine for a few miles, but died again. I wasn't present for this instance, but girlfriend reported that smoke came from under the engine. (white color) I have some theories on why it's doing this... Theory 1 involves a bad alternator. I remember reading that if the Fuel pump doesn't receive the right voltage, it shuts off. If the alternator's regulator is fried, then it would provide too much power, frying the battery and possibly shutting off the fuel pump, killing the car. If the alternator is seizing up, that might explain some of the smoke if it burned the bearings, I'd imagine that the belt would squeal, but it might just burn the rubber. The fried battery may be explained by increased power drain (on a 2 year old battery) from trying to start for so long and so often recently. As soon as I'm able to get the car off the side of the road, I'll plug in my Black and Decker charger that has an alternator test mode and see if it agrees. Theory 2 is a bit more... expensive, and I've crossed my fingers, toes, legs, elbows and eyes hoping this isn't the case... but I think the head gasket might be blown. All the normal signs I'm aware of (knowing that a head gasket can fail in multiple ways.) aren't present... the oil isn't milky, the coolant doesn't seem to react when the car starts with the cap off, etc.... Anybody else have any ideas?
  6. Hi all, I'm doing a bit of research on whether or not music effects the way people drive for college and have put a short survey together with questions related to it. Will post the link below if anyone is interested. All feedback is gratefully recieved! Link removed Thanks!! George
  7. Sky Tyne and Wear has been given a unique insight into the boy racer scene across Tyne and Wear. The late night cruising culture of the boy racers has come under fire from people including those that think they make to much noise, to the police, who keep a close eye on car meets and the region's roads. But the drivers defended themselves, saying there was more to their passion than disturbing the peace with a souped up hatchback. Watch the video here: http://tyneandwear.sky.com/news/article/78545/boy-racers-in-action-on-the-streets-with-the-demon-drivers
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