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Found 2 results

  1. These car companies are definitely turning their imaginations into realities with these Futuristic Concept Cars ! Some of the upgrades included in these cars like electronic driving, retro-infused styling, Self-driving features which has completely revolutionized the automobile industry by inventing Concept Cars ! A video was created to introduce Top 10 Concept Cars Of the Future. Check it out! Which car will you choose?:
  2. Unveiled the Cadillac American luxury carmaker for her new car, a car called ceil and is a concept car and the word ciel in French means the sky and this car is the least that can be described by the car it's a masterpiece beautiful where the company is trying Cadillac restore its reputation the old fortress of luxury cars - Restore back memories beautiful to the time the car was made in which to enjoy the people out and not just to Drive. This type cars is Cabriolet. characterized structure term is clearly Introduction is a long relatively featuring high as that of the ground by the grille is bold significantly chromed strikethrough logo Cadillac and headlights high and a long stretch until the mid-delivered, given a sense of luxury . The rear is relatively small bending in the direction of the earth and the taillights big .either the car from inside the company Cadillac is trying to flex its muscles and show its Have four doors large and clearly lined skin to facilitate entry and exit open is facing one to give a sense of well-being. And the car can accommodate four people comfortably and provides them with all the factors of welfare, and comfort. And features steering wheel great, meters large, clear and center console runs from front to back. As for the engine car The spacious and elegant Cadillac Ciel Concept is a grand gesture that explores themes driving Cadillac's explorations into range-topping flagship luxury. It is powered by a twin-turbocharged version of the 3.6-liter Direct Injection V-6 engine, paired with a hybrid system using lithium-ion battery technology. For More Information and New Car Review http://mycar2102.blogspot.com
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