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Found 5 results

  1. SPEEDYAUTOTRANS.COM AUTO / EQUIPMENT TRANSPORT SERVICE SPECIALIZED IN SHIPPING: CARS, SUVS, VANS, SMALL/HEAVY EQUIPMENT, MOTORCYCLES, ATVS, ALL SIZED TRUCKS, TRACTORS, DOZERS, BOBCATS +MORE! When you choose Speedy Auto Trans you’re working with one of the best transport families in the business. With years of logistics experience, our family understands what is needed to make the shipping process fast & easy! We take pride in our national list of carrier partners. All of our vetted independent truck drivers are licensed with the Department of Transportation(DOT), meet all requirements of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration(FMCSA), and each holds insurance policy minimums of at least $1,000,000. They are here to help coordinate the exact type of service you need. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Our team of professional dispatchers are always ready to answer all questions you may have and guide you throughout entire process. Your shipments are in good hands with us! IF YOU EVER NEED TRANPORT ASSISTANCE PLEASE REACH OUT, WE ARE HERE TO HELP! speedyautotrans.com Live Chat: m.me/speedyautotrans Ph: 786-604-0433
  2. Hey! I recently came across a 1958 4DR Buick Super that I'm told went through some flooding damage and would need new engine and transmission in order to run. I am fully prepared to do what it takes, I am just in need of some advice on what I should consider putting inside the classic. I don't plan on rebuilding its original engine or anything either, the more modern the better. Any other advice is much appreciated as well, thank you!
  3. Has anyone else heard of the show Highway to Sell? It's coming out this Monday on Discovery and looks pretty kick ass! http://www.streetleg...sics-back-road/
  4. The team behind "Boosters" just launched their kickstarter Watch the trailer and kickstarter at http://kck.st/1fk0Duv Boosters is about a group of luxury car boosters who accepts a job to recover a Lamborghini for an underground mafia leader. A deeper intrigue unfolds as they find out there was more to their job description. The team behind the short film "Boosters" is trying to bring back classic cars to the big screen. The story is an action packed, mysterious, backstabbing, and dramatic story revolving around classic cars. The film will be approximately less than 45 minutes. It has an amazingly talented cast and numerous prestigious cars and you can check out the latest photos and posts on their Facebook and Website. http://www.boostersmovie.com https://www.facebook.com/BoostersFilm @boostersmovie
  5. Hello, all car game lovers out there. I have a new game for you. It's called Gear & Piston by LudiCreations. It's a board game where you and other people compete to invent and make the best car. It's set in a nice, steampunk feel, which I personally really enjoy. You build your cars piece by piece by inventing and making new parts, scavenging through the junk yard, etc. It's looking to be a pretty cool game. Gear & Piston is currently being funded in a Kickstarter. It has already reached its goal, so the game WILL be released, and now we're working on funding stretch goals to enhance the game. If anyone is interested in getting more details on this upcoming, cool board game, please check out the Kickstarter and hopefully pledge to get a copy of your own when it comes out. Here's a convenient link to their Kickstarter for all who're interested. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/ludicreations/gear-and-piston-board-game Thanks for your time everyone, and I hope some of you are interested and help back this project with us.
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