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Found 6 results

  1. I have a 2005 chevy malibu i recently purchased from a private dealer, and I do not have an entry key to my car. Somehow, the entry key is different from the ignition key (assuming the car was once stolen or in an accident). He told me all I had to do was go up to chevy, give them my VIN number and they would give me a new one for a small fee. Well today I called up to chevy (gm) and they quoted me a price between $500 to $600!!!!!!! I can't afford that right now and I hate to leave my car parked with the doors unlocked. Please tell me there is a way around this expense!?
  2. Interesting story, I recently purchased a Gmc sanoma, (I’m in 17) and as a joke told my friend that it would easily beat his dads dodge charger scat pack hemi. Now it’s gotten a bit too real and there’s no going back, in other words, I need the best engine swap and components in order to uhhh beat a scat pack with a 2003 Gmc Sanoma. However, being the teenager I am, I don’t have an abundance of money so it must also be budget friendly. Thanks
  3. I'm buying my first car soon and I've been looking at different cars that were in the price range of $5,000 or less. Now I'm looking for other people's opinions for which cars, used of course, are trustworthy cars and fast too but still look nice. I've looked at many cars so far and I've been checking the years too so that I can check which years are bad and have many problems and which years are better so that's still an important factor. Thank you to all!
  4. Hello People, I just want to let you know that i've started a cheap car blog, for new drivers, second car buyers, and other that are interested in the cheap car category. Follow my blog, and get filled in by funny car reviews of cheap cars sold in Europe. The more people you share it with, the more cars I get to review! The link is: autoreviewed.wordpress.com Thank you for your time, and happy drivers day, every day!
  5. So i need a 3rd car. It dosent have to be practical, but needs at least two seats and can be for off roading or a sports car. I dont really care what it is as long as it is pretty reliable and fun and different. It cant be a manual not because i dont want a manual but my wife won't let me get another manual car. Used is fine. Under $30,000. Any ideas?
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