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Found 69 results

  1. teezteespring

    new vs old car

    My car is a 99 Civic with a cracked engine block. When is it time to buy another used car vs getting a new engine? What is the percentage of new cars sold vs used cars
  2. Hey, so I'm a college guy, 24 years old, 6 ft. tall and have a slipped disk in my back due to a car accident almost 2 yr ago. I need to commute to college almost every day that takes about an hour and some change back and forth. I am basically looking for a manual transmission vehicle with either good seats/lumbar support that is easy to work/learn on, so far I have boiled it down to a Honda Accord because I love the seats since I don't really fit too well in a civic si (haven't been able to try out the type r) a Subaru Outback 2010 or newer because of the redesign/seats/lumbar support and overall look. what are some of the issues I should look out for? Are there any other manual cars I should be looking into? I was also looking into a Kia Rio. I am not looking to drop jaws wherever I go I just need a car to basically get me from point A to point B. I also not a fan of technology for the most part. And lastly, it would be fantastic to find a car that can also house 4 people comfortably who are also roughly the same height as me. any suggestions?
  3. Xiaopeng finally handed in his papers: hardening the stockade, fighting a dumb war, building smart cars Xiaopeng G3 officially delivered from the data point of view, has the same level of pure electric SUV quite outstanding performance: wind resistance coefficient 0.30, 0-50 km acceleration time is only 3.7 seconds, comprehensive range 365 kilometers, 60 kilometers per hour uniform range more than 500 kilometers. The passive safety performance of the whole vehicle achieved good results in the C-NCAP2018 bottom-up test, which is the highest scoring test model of the same level electric vehicles. In terms of active safety, the G3 carries 16 vehicle safety configurations, including Bosch's latest version of ESP9.3 body stabilization system. At the same time, the G3 power battery has passed the rigorous test twice the national standard of China Automotive Engineering Research Institute to ensure the safety of users. Xiaopeng G3 is manufactured in a new factory cooperated by Xiaopeng Automobile and Haima Automobile. The production automation rate of this new factory specially built for Xiaopeng has reached 85%. 273 intelligent robots work on the assembly line, and 200 engineers from China, Japan and Korea have carried out 314 tests to ensure that Xiaopeng Automobile's quality can be infinitely close to Lexus. In terms of intelligence, Xiaopeng G3 builds an all-round intelligent experience around the four dimensions of AI capability, auto-assisted driving capability, remote management and operating system. Through OTA upgrade service, Xiaopeng G3 endows the vehicle with the ability to evolve iteratively and becomes the "first smart car" for many young extremely intelligent players. Feilong Jiangli and its parent company are developing new energy products such as electronic pumps, alternating oil pumps, TMM and so on. They have already made matching production for other domestic customers. We hope to have the opportunity to cooperate with Xiaopeng Automobile.
  4. Mercedes-Benz has taken an early lead in the US luxury race, with Lexus nipping at its heels at No.2. BMW, 2014’s luxury champion, find itself in third place after the first month of 2015. Mercedes-Benz yesterday reported a record sales volume of 24619, thus increasing 8.9% from the 22604 units sold in January 2014. The brand’s bigger gainer among models that sold at least one thousand units was the GL class, with 38 percent jump in sales. The company also sold 1566 S-class units, 22 percent gain from the year-earlier period.
  5. rayan01


  6. richardwalter

    Jaguar and Land Rover

    Hello, Tata has acquired Jaguar and Land Rover now. Land Rover is adjudged the 'greatest car of all times' by the BBC Top Gear. Can anyone write about these models, eventhough i don't think i'll able to buy one during my lifetime. Any suggestion will be appreciated. Thanks in advance About Me: I'm new in this forum, I am a consultant and have worked with multiple firms You can check b2b videography tips, one of my work.
  7. Hello, Me and my fiancee are currently shopping for a subcompact. I've been lurking around this forum for quite some time now and I have learned a lot. We're considering getting a KIA Rio because of the good reviews I got from here (although not as extensive as I wanted it to be...). The other option is a Honda City vtec, yung 1.5. Maybe I'm just scared of the horror stories Ive read around (i.e. Psylocke), but is QC still a problem for the City? Is it worth all the extras over the Rio (572k vs 700k)? Any Suggestions will be appreciated!! Thanks in advance About Me: I have worked with multiple firms You can check Business explainer video, one of my work.
  8. Hello, Planning to buy an suv by the end of this quarter torn between these 3 cars.. budget is 1.5mil Montero at GLS 4x2 Fortuner at G 4x2 MUX at 3.0 4x2 LSA need some insights, car would be used 8-10 years. Any Help will be appreciated!! Thanks in advance About Me: I have worked with multiple firms You can check Animated video explainers, one of my work.
  9. richardwalter

    17 pajero vs 17 explorer

    Hello, I like both their looks.. concerns: pajero: since it is going to be discontinued, im wondering about maintenance or parts availability down the road as i plan to keep it for about 6yrs. on the other hand, being discontinued, it would mean it will never get outdated as against a newer model pajero. of course pajero's durability is proven so thats also a plus vs. its design and interiors which is admittedly old already. explorer: old issues such as FC(sold my 07 explorer last year after getting an everest) or ford service and reliability although did not personally experience any probs with my explorer before except for the aircon. but again the looks and the interiors of the explorer are so much more refined that FC concerns are easily overlooked. am just thinking that by late next year, a new look/model explorer will come out so it will become outdated as against the newer model. while with the pajero, this wont happen.. if it would matter, we currently have 3 cars: e90, mirage g4, 16 everest.. probably sell the everest as 2suvs will be tight for our 3 car garage. dont want to parkanymore on the street like what happened before parang bilis mag fade ng paint. Thanks About Me: I'm new in this forum, I am a consultant and have worked with multiple firms You can check 2d animation video, one of my work.
  10. Hello, US has introduced new fuel efficiency norms. Already voices of criticism are being raised at this new policy saying it would burden the average Americans by $8000 more. Is it true or is it merely posturing in by various groups since this is an election year? How will it affect the American auto industry? Please share your thoughts Thanks About Me: I'm new in this forum, I am a consultant and have worked with multiple firms You can check Professional business explainer video, one of my work.
  11. richardwalter

    Buying a New car

    Hello, Hi first time posting on this website. I recently finished school and am looking to replace my old 2004 volvo s60. I have narrowed it down to a few cars that im interested in. My budget is 20k and under. The only real criteria the car needs to meet is that it is relatively fast and fun to drive. Right now I am looking at a 2014 acura ilx with manual transmission. I have also looked at bmw 328i but newer models are out of my price range. Also just began looking at volvo s60 t5 which looks like a great car and much faster than I expected. Would appreciate any comments and feedback on these cars as well as suggestions. Thanks About Me: I'm new in this forum, I have worked with multiple firms You can check Cloud security video, one of my work.
  12. Hello, as you all know I'm currently using SJcam SJ4000 basic as a dashcam. I have posted it's review I think it's time for me to buy a pressure washer. I need your help in choosing the right one. Main purpose : snow Foam lance (prepared to buy it after market). Car cleaning only Max Budget : 10K. [possible upto 15K if it's worth it] Service : Must be good. Preferable if they have a service center in Mysore. Ease of Use : Yes (for my parents) Additional attachments : Just washing gun is enough. Warranty period : 1yr preferable. Thanks About Me: I'm new in this forum, I am a consultant and have worked with multiple firms You can check Business explainer video examples, one of my work.
  13. Which do you prefer, Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 or the Aston Martin One-77?
  14. richardwalter

    Hyundai Xcent

    Hello. This is my post in this forum. Got my Xcent S(o) silver petrol on 5th june, and drove around 600 Kms. I have few questions. 1. The OEM tyres are apollo 165 on 14" alloy. Can i go for big tyres on these same alloy? 2. Suggest me some good branded Leatherette Seat covers (chennai). 3. How to make sure whether my anti theft alarm working in my xcent or not? Thanks About Me: I'm new in this forum, I have worked with multiple firms You can check 2d animation video production, one of my work.
  15. For all you motorheads out there that like to surf the web, it's time to join thecruisin.com! It's a social media site, much like Facebook, only it's designed for auto enthusiasts. It's a totally FREE signup! Users can: Create a profile. Upload as many vehicles that they own. Find, join, or create Groups & Events in your area. Canvas our online Swap Meet for cars/parts for sale. Socialize with your friends! Let us know what you think about the site! Also, feel free to like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter. New users have a chance at being our vehicle pic of the day. TheCruiseIn.com
  16. Hi Guys and Girls, I have a questionnaire here. I wish to design a new product that helps reduce the number of rear end collisions dramatically. Please take 2 minutes out of your day to fill it in and/or share it, I'd appreciate it Thank you. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/11Kr1odO94r17O9JlhulNIHObgiioSbyIqzpykqYUycA/viewform
  17. HI im amanda and im on here looking for new friends and fellow enthusiasts.. hope to meet some yall at the 3rd Annual Mid-Atlantic Supercar Cruise next weekend... info below
  18. mlfoote123


    Hi Car Forums Members, Joining the site to learn more about my interest in cars, particularly fast ones! Hope to get to know some of you. Mick
  19. Hey guys, I found this site and it really helped me compare cars as well as dealers. Its called Carlister.co, the site is really easy to navigate and helped me immensely. Just wanted to share this information with yall.
  20. Calling out all Exotics and Supercars from PA,NY,VA,MD! The time has come for the 3rd Annual Mid-Atlantic Supercar Cruise! Sponsored by MAGTRON (Mid Atlantic GTR owners Network) & Battalion30five. Annapolis MD to Ocean City MD May 30th 07:00am Hosted by Battalion30Five! (A world wide GTR owners group.) this cruise is open to only Exotic and Supercars on the east coast. ONLY. Everyone will meet up at the following address NLT 07:00am 935-989 Bestgate Rd Annapolis, MD 21401 At 08:00am sharp, we will roll out and take 50 East heading to Ocean City! There will be three custom one of a kind trophies handed out at the finish point. All three trophy winning requirements will be stated once we give the drivers brief at 07:30am In route with all our amazing cars together we will be doing rolling highway photo shooting Our only rest stop will be at this address for a thirty minute bathroom break: Applebee's 8999 Ocean Gateway Easton, MD 21601 Once everyone is back in the cars we will continue our trip all the way to 21st street where we will be greeted by the staff of Phillips Crab house. They will direct us to our VIP parking and will deny any regular Joe off the street from parking in our VIP parking lot to keep them away from the cars. We will enjoy lunch at Phillips crab house and take a break. Once we finish eating and everyone has paid for their individual lunch bill, THEN WE HAND OUT TROPHY'S AND ENJOY A BIKINI CONTEST then We will all proceed a few streets down the strip to take out some road rage on each other at the Go Kart arena in Jolly Rogers park: "Speed world" Go Karting 2901 Philadelphia Ave Ocean City, MD 21842 TO RSVP PRIVATE MESSAGE ME WITH NAME AND CAR MAKE/MODEL AND WE WILL ADD YOU TO THE FACEBOOK EVENT AND IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS FEEL FREE TO ASK ANYTIME.. message me as soon as possible so we know a head count for parking and Phillips crab house seating. HOPE TO SEE YALL THERE! 2014 coverage: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kpDPTRg4d60 2013 coverage: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JQjupthZkHY pics of event:http://www.lucasgphotos.com/Events/2013-Supercar-Cruise/i-xPktpQr
  21. We are the premier car dealership for buying rebuilt cars that have suffered minor flood damage and export, ship and buy worldwide from Miami, FL, USA. Our selection is ready to ship, Our cars are 10-20% sticker price!! We get customers from Nigeria, Suriname, Colombia, Peru, Mexico, Bahamas, Jamaica, that keep coming back for more:) Here is just a sample of our awesome, cheap, and ready to ship cars to south america! We ship cars to Guatemala from USA We ship cars to Mexico from USA We ship cars to Bolivia from USA We ship cars to Colombia from USA We export cars from USA to Costa Rica We import cars to Cayman Islands from Miami,FL USA For my Spanish Speaking Fellas!: Enviamos coches a Guatemala desde EE.UU. Enviamos coches a México desde EE.UU. Enviamos coches a Bolivia desde EE.UU. Enviamos coches a Colombia desde EE.UU. Exportamos autos de EE.UU. a Costa Rica Somos importadores de coches a Islas Caimán desde Miami , FL EE.UU. NOT KIDDING WHEN WE SAY BEST PRICE!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAVE A GREAT DAY!
  22. VIPGroup

    VIP Group

    Please check out our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/VIPSportsLtd For all the latest offers on car deals! VIP Cars was formed by Christian Thomas to source cars for the Sports, Television and Media Industry. Due to the success of VIP Cars we have developed a loyal client base, which has enabled us to expand and offer more services to meet our client's needs. VIP Group - Iconic Cars. Exceptional Service
  23. EliteAutoEnthusiast

    Auto Sound Systems

    Hey All, Please check out the below youtube channel. We have various videos of auto sound systems, tell us what you think! We will be posting various videos in the future, exotic cars, performance tuning, audio, etc. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiTW0XQczLmxRcItXTt2TUw Thanks
  24. Hotwheeltoys

    Cool Corvette Stingray 2014 Model Car

    Get a Model of a Corvette Stingray in various colors here! They are Hot Wheel Toy cars and are collectible get them while they are hot! http://hotwheeltoys.com/hot-wheels-corvette-stingray/
  25. On my way home after having dinner with a few friends I try going into the lane next to me and a car that was in my blindspot (I'm not even sure if their lights were on) honked their horn and I did not get that close and did not hear any kind of screeching sound and so I stay in my lane but then my friend sitting in the back tells me they were motioning me to stop. So im thinking maybe I did hit something. So I stop and roll down my window a bit so the man driving the other vehicle could talk. I apologized and I see no damage to his car until he points out a scratch at the top of his side mirror that apparently came from the bottom of my side mirror scratching the top of his. Because it was dark I did not get out of my car at all so I did not get a picture of the damage. It was maybe a two inch thin line on the top of his side mirror. He said that all it would really need is a buffing and he wouldn't need to file a claim unless anything else came up. So he takes down the name of my insurance and their phone number and I ask him if he wants to exchange numbers and he says it's not necessary. I was still in shock and it's my first accident where it was my fault so I didn't know exactly what to do. I'm 18 and he seemed to be in his 40's and it was dark outside so I didn't get out of my car to copy down his LISCENCE plate or take a picture of the scratch. My question is that if I don't have his number how will I know how bad the scratch is and if he is going to file a claim or not or if I should file a claim. Also, my side view mirror is plastic so could it have really created a black scratch on his white car? Are damages from plastic easily fixable with a buffer?