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Found 7 results

  1. 2008 Honda Accord Sport. The brakes won’t lock up when I pull the ebrake. Rear left and right calibers replaced. Abs fuse pulled (hopefully completely disabled). I know the cable is a little loose, but is there anything else I can check?
  2. Hi Guys and Girls, I have a questionnaire here. I wish to design a new product that helps reduce the number of rear end collisions dramatically. Please take 2 minutes out of your day to fill it in and/or share it, I'd appreciate it Thank you. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/11Kr1odO94r17O9JlhulNIHObgiioSbyIqzpykqYUycA/viewform
  3. I recently brought my 2005 Pontiac G6 to the mechanic because of a clicking/popping sound that was coming from the front right of my car. Whenever I hit my brakes at low speeds, I'd hear the sound, but it would disappear once I took my foot off the brake pedal and got up to speed. I thought it might be an issue with my tie rods. The mechanic checked out my tie rods, and told me that not only did these need to be replaced but so did my steering rack, bushings, and sway bar ($1500 in repairs for this). I thought this would take care of the issue, but I still hear the sound when I brake. I'm kind of peeved because it cost so much to fix all of this and I'm still having the original problem! Any thoughts? My mechanic said they took a look at the brakes and didn't see any issues - of course, that was not what I thought the problem was so I don't think they spent a lot of time looking at them. (Note: my brakes work just fine and I haven't noticed a change in how the pedal feels. However, last summer my brakes got stuck because the pads, calipers, and lines were completely rusted out without my knowing and they almost caught on fire. I had that all replaced less than a year ago, so I'm slightly worried that it has something to do with that.) Any help would be appreciated! I really don't know much about cars..
  4. Looking for a mechanic you can trust? Look no further! We’re the most friendly, honest auto repair team in the area. http://troyautomotiveshop.com/ We offer many preventative maintenance options. It's the convenient way to keep your car healthy and in top condition. Troy automotive provides tow trucks and towing services in the Dallas & Fort Worth area. We utilize both Flatbed and Wheel Lift Towing for the most appropriate and safest car towing for every need. We provide a secure auto storage facility with alarm systems and camera system to protect vehicles that we tow and or store for our clients. Troy Automotive (214) 468-4285 8119 Bearden ln Dallas Texas 75227 Troyautomotiveshop.com
  5. Hi Folks, I drive a 2004 Sunfire and recently the brakes have started to just randomly "lock on" while driving. Upon visual inspection I noticed that the gasket for the brake fluid reservoir has holes in it - could the loss of vacuum in the brake system cause this? I have ordered a replacement gasket from Amazon Seems that if I pull over, remove the reservoir lid and reseat the gasket, then let the car sit off for awhile it corrects itself Before this started occurring I had the brakes visually inspected and the car test driven (unrelated) by a mechanic, and he said everything seemed fine Would really appreciate any insight you folks might have Thank you!
  6. Recently, I was having a discussion with my dad, who was complaining about having to use too much force to shift his car out of park from his driveway. It is a pretty steep downhill slope. I told him when parking it, apply the parking brake, take the foot off the normal brake, and then shift into park. Then, when pulling out, shift into reverse, while holding the brake, and then release the parking brake. Does this information sound correct? He has a 2011 Subaru Legacy with the CVT and electronic parking brake.
  7. My name is Doug and I am an Online Customer Service Rep at Auto Accessories Garage. I wanted to let you all know we have recently dropped our prices on Power Stop brake parts and kits for the month of August. If you are in need of quality new rotors and pads and don't have a ton of money to drop, these kits are the way to go. The rotors are drilled and slotted to vent the heats and gases, and the pads are a high quality ceramic material which is great for stopping power. If you would like to save even more, give me a call at 800-663-1570 Ext. 222 or email me at: doug@autoaccessoriesgarage.com! http://www.autoacces...-Stop-Brake-Kit http://www.autoacces...-Stop-Brake-Kit
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