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Found 3 results

  1. Hi! My girlfriend have a hyundai tucson 2007 that now have an occasional brake problem.. Sometimes the warning lights for brake and battery lights up. When this happens the power brakes disappear and are gone as long as the warning lights are on. She are able to extinguish the warning lights by turning the car off then on again. The brakes works good otherwise, no strange sounds, good pads, no vibrations and such.. it’s just when the warning lights turns on that the power brakes disappear. I have checked all brakes but can’t see any obvious problem there. I figured that if the belt are slipping it would be a bit more frequent problem. An other thing we noticed is that when the warning lights are lit, the power disappears to window heating buttons for front and rear windshield. Don’t know how that could be connected but when when the warning lights disappear and brakes start working, so do window heating. Used an OBDII but it did not reveal any fault codes. Anyone who recognize the problem or have a possible solution?
  2. I have 2001 chevy express 3500. about 190K miles. Sometimes, a sort of white vaporous smoke will start coming up out of the hood, especially when facing down on an incline. It has an odor, but Im not quite sure how to describe it. Last time I started the car, it was whining pretty bad. Never heard that noise before, and not sure if its related to the smoke. The whining got louder when I pushed on the brake pedal, and the brakes did feel weird. they also didn't work near as good as usual/as theyre supposed to. Any idea what it could be? Brake fluid leak? I don't have any experience as a mechanic but if its a simple fix I could/have more experienced family members that could fix it. Or at least Id have an idea of the problem and the cost before I have it towed to a shop so I don't get cheated. Many thanks!
  3. Hi so recently my brakes went out on me and went to the floor. I could still stop the car but it was difficult so I took my 2001 Honda Accord to the shop and they said I needed new brake lines and calipers, rotors, and pads so I got that all fixed besides 2 of the 4 rotors and pads but the brakes were still spongy and I have no idea why. I thought this would make the brakes so they were in good condition but the brakes are still spongy and im not sure why. Please help me if you know anything about this.
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