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Found 3 results

  1. Hi everyone, I have been a mechanic for decades, and this is the first time I post something online, here I am, want to share how do I programm BENZ gearbox. E、S、C、SL、M、B、A、CL series 280 Benz before 2013 are all fit for below steps. The car in my case is a BENZ 722.9, I use a TOPDON Artipad in this case. Click [Local Diagnostic]-MERCEDES- [Control module programming]-[Yes] if the VIN is correct-OK Choose [TCM – Transmission Control Module (Drive Train CAN Bus)]- [Control unit Programming]-OK The following steps are to write the old ECU data to the new ECU, if the old ECU is completely damaged, click [Cancel], if the old ECU is still able to read the data, click [OK]. There are some steps like ignition on and off, just follow the instruction on screen and click OK. After Confirm the EHS part number and click [CONTINUE]-download files-confirm-yes- Read the risk warning carefully and click [Yes]. Click [OK] as the programming is done. Follow the steps to swich ignition off and on again to see if the coding has been carried out. After coding, all the information of old ECU will copy to the new ECU. If the new ECU matches the vehicle perfectly and has no fault code, there is no need for you to do SCN coding. So till here are all steps for gearbox programming on a BENZ, but below I will show you how to do SCN coding in case you need it. Otherwise you need to do SCN coding. Click OK and choose SCN coding Tap on SCN coding OK-confirm-download the file, the same steps ignition OFF and ON. If you cannot start engine after coding, please enter special function and perform “driving license” or “initialization” function. Above are all my steps on how to program BENZ 722.9 gearbox. I would recommend keep your battery voltage stable around 13V, do not using any other electronic components during the programming. When I say ignition ON, just mean by that don’t turn on the engine. I’m a very careful guy so I choose to use USB connection to do programming.
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