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Found 4 results

  1. According to foreign media reports, Turkey's economic crisis has had a serious impact on car companies including Ford, Toyota and Fiat Chrysler. After the devaluation of Turkey's Lira, Turkey's new car prices rose, leading to a drop in new car sales by about a third in 2018. New car sales in Turkey fell 34% to 543,231 in the first 11 months of 2018 compared with the same period last year, and fell 42% to 58,204 in the first 11 months of November, according to data from the Association of Automobile Dealers in early December. The Turkish Association of Automobile Manufacturers said that by the end of November 2018, Turkish automobile production had fallen by 8% to 1.43 million vehicles from a year earlier, and export volume was basically the same as last year, to 1.22 million vehicles. It is reported that Turkey attracts many car companies to put into production mainly because of its low production costs, rich resources of skilled and semi-skilled workers, and easy access to the European Union, Eurasia and the Middle East market. Many car companies have localized production in Turkey and provided customized models for the local market. European consumers prefer hatchbacks, while Turkish consumers prefer cars, which account for about half of the local market. As a supplier of automotive parts, Feilong Jiangli is sure to look forward to the recovery of the automotive market, so that parts suppliers can slowly recover.
  2. SAIC Yu Jingmin: New species must be matched with new retail "With the constant changes of the times and the continuous iteration of technology, automobiles have become the most critical travel link. We think it's very difficult to skip cars in all aspects of future travel. Said Yu Jingmin, deputy general manager of SAIC Passenger Car Company. "All cars should have good hardware first. I quite agree, but it's incomplete. Because we need to consider how to integrate into the real travel scenario to meet the needs of customers. I respect the word "subversion" and dare not say it lightly. What I want to ask is how evolution can not be subverted? Yu Jingmin believes that Internet automobiles are a new species and must be matched by a new retail system. New retail refers to rebuilding the user's journey of using and maintaining cars based on the user's experience, and establishing a new retail service system which covers the whole life cycle of users and is data-driven. Traditional car companies need to break the traditional concepts, upgrade marketing methods, cross-border, and take the initiative to come to our consumers. Real-time online and offline access in the retail system, so that the charm of new species can be generated through services. We should also bring the development of Internet intelligence and scenario into the whole system, exert the power of data, and combine engineering, technology and scenario to truly lead and meet the needs of customers. As an electronic auto parts supplier, Chongqing Feilong Jiangli will keep up-to-date information on new technologies and new energy industries.
  3. According to foreign media reports, data from the International Energy Agency show that although the number of motor vehicles on the road is increasing rapidly as the population expands and people become richer, the demand for oil for automobiles will peak in the next seven years. Since the launch of the first Ford T in 1908, the relationship between cars and oil has changed the world. According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), the popularity of electric vehicles and fuel-efficient vehicles offset the increase in the number of car owners in emerging markets, and the fuel consumption of cars will reach the upper limit by 2025.
  4. On my way home after having dinner with a few friends I try going into the lane next to me and a car that was in my blindspot (I'm not even sure if their lights were on) honked their horn and I did not get that close and did not hear any kind of screeching sound and so I stay in my lane but then my friend sitting in the back tells me they were motioning me to stop. So im thinking maybe I did hit something. So I stop and roll down my window a bit so the man driving the other vehicle could talk. I apologized and I see no damage to his car until he points out a scratch at the top of his side mirror that apparently came from the bottom of my side mirror scratching the top of his. Because it was dark I did not get out of my car at all so I did not get a picture of the damage. It was maybe a two inch thin line on the top of his side mirror. He said that all it would really need is a buffing and he wouldn't need to file a claim unless anything else came up. So he takes down the name of my insurance and their phone number and I ask him if he wants to exchange numbers and he says it's not necessary. I was still in shock and it's my first accident where it was my fault so I didn't know exactly what to do. I'm 18 and he seemed to be in his 40's and it was dark outside so I didn't get out of my car to copy down his LISCENCE plate or take a picture of the scratch. My question is that if I don't have his number how will I know how bad the scratch is and if he is going to file a claim or not or if I should file a claim. Also, my side view mirror is plastic so could it have really created a black scratch on his white car? Are damages from plastic easily fixable with a buffer?
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