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Found 3 results

  1. Routine car maintenance doesn’t sound like an exciting topic at first. But it’s one of the most important considerations you can make. Getting your auto maintenance routine right will save you a fair amount of stress. Never again will you wonder what to get serviced when. And you’ll save yourself money by eliminating those unforeseen breakdowns. Here’s the routine auto maintenance schedule you should follow. Scheduled Maintenance Is King Observing various service intervals is key to maintaining your vehicle. Some items require more regular checks than others. A preventative maintenance plan will save you a lot of time and money. Be sure to consult with a reputable auto service facility. They will be able to advise you on the correct scheduled plan for your car. Here are the various auto maintenance schedules to follow: Regular Maintenance Checks There are some regular maintenance checks that every car requires. Most of these checks should take place either weekly or monthly. Make sure you keep on top of these five items: ● Check your tires regularly. Make sure they are inflated correctly and check for even tread wear. ● Keep a regular eye on your engine oil and coolant levels. It’s best to check these every time you fill-up with gas. ● Check under where your car is parked for any fluid leaks. ● Keep your windshield washer fluid topped off. ● Be sure to do a visual check of your engine cavity. Be on the lookout for any leaks or cracks. The Six-Month Checklist Your six-month checklist doesn’t require regular attention. It should be conducted twice a year, depending on your mileage. If you’re averaging over 3,000 miles, then it’s time for the six-month check. Here is what your trusted mechanic will see to: ● Change your engine oil and oil filter. ● Rotate your tires to increase their lifespan. ● Get your battery checked for any signs of leaks or malfunctions. ● Check your brake fluid levels and top of if required ● Conduct a spare tire check. Including a tire pressure and the tread quality check. ● An express brake inspection. This will include visual inspection and a braking test. ● A suspension check. The Annual Checklist Next is your annual checklist. These items aren’t as essential to the day-to-day running of your car. But they do play an important role in keeping your car reliable. Your mechanic will check the following items at your annual service: ● An air-conditioner and heater inspection. ● Change the transmission fluid and filter. This may need to be flushed depending on its quality. ● Replace your windshield wiper blades. ● Perform an engine tune-up to maintain your car’s performance and fuel economy. The Three to Five Year Checks These more periodical checks are mostly routine replacements. Over time, some components begin to age and require replacement. Here are the items that need to be replaced every couple of years: ● Replace the battery. ● Change the engine belts. ● Replace the fuel filter. ● Conduct a thorough test of the electrical system. ● Flush out old engine coolant. The Auto Maintenance People in Pompano Beach At Foreign Affairs Motorwerks, we offer personalized scheduled maintenance plans. Our certified team is equipped to work on a wide array of performance cars. We’ve been servicing South Florida’s Porsche, Audi, Mercedes, BMW, and exotic's automotive community since 1978. Our Pompano Beach facility can offer you a detailed routine auto maintenance plan. Call us today at 954-746-0488 or follow Foreign Affairs Motorwerks on Facebook for the latest updates.
  2. The following is a quick guide you can use to remember Routine Maintenance Checks for your vehicle. Doing these Routine checks may seem like a hassle, but they could save you time and money in the long run. Try to get yourself into some good habits while driving and maintaining your vehicle. 1. ROUTINE MAINTENANCE CHECKS EACH TIME YOU USE YOUR CAR Check the tires for low pressure. If you do see a low tire, look for nails, screws, or other foreign objects that could cause a puncture. Check the outside for new damage. This is especially important if you are parked in a public parking area. If someone has damaged your vehicle, take pictures for your insurance company. Look for leaks. After leaving a parking spot, glance back and check for signs of a fresh puddle. When you walk away from your parked car, look for dripping liquid. Read This Article About Identifying Your Car’s Fluids: 2. ROUTINE MAINTENANCE CHECKS EACH TIME YOU GET FUEL Check your fluids. Check the level and condition of your engine oil every time you fill up. The other fluids that have a see-through reservoir like coolant and brake fluid only require a quick glance to see their levels are correct. Inspect belts and hoses. Take a look at your belts and hoses to look for abnormal wear. Use caution when touching a hot engine—a visual inspection is sufficient. Also, look for leaks around the engine compartment and under the car. Check tire pressure. This is a good time to check your tires for proper inflation. Frequent checking is the best way to maximize the life of your tires. Clean your windows and wiper blades. If a squeegee and towels are available, take advantage of them. Keeping your wipers and windshield clean will extend the life of your wipers. 3. ROUTINE MAINTENANCE CHECKS EACH OIL CHANGE Whether you change your own oil or have it done by someone else, you should perform the fill-up inspections as well as the following: Inspect your tires for abnormal wear and damage. Check your fluids. In addition to checking the levels, look at the fluids while the engine is cold, and check their condition. Inspect and lubricate the chassis. Check for underside problems and issues with the suspension when lubricating the chassis. Inspect the belts and hoses. With the engine cold, do a thorough inspection of the belts and hoses. Look for signs of leaking around the engine. Check the air filter. Check the external lights. Turn on your lights and make sure all your lights are working, including your turn signal and brake lights. Also, check the small bulb over your license plate. Inspect your battery. Inspect and clean the battery contacts if needed. Look for damage to the cables. 4. ROUTINE MAINTENANCE CHECKS EVERY OTHER OIL CHANGE In addition to the previously described checks, add the following to your list: Rotate the tires. Check automatic transmission fluid and power steering fluid. These are both usually checked while the engine is running. Check the fuel cap. Look for cracking and debris around the seal area. Check the seat belts. Check the belts for fraying and damage, and check the retractors to make sure they are working properly. Check weather stripping and seals. Check the door seals and weatherstripping for tears, breaks, or damage. Check computer codes. The computer should illuminate a dashboard icon if there’s a problem, but it doesn’t hurt to check for codes periodically. Read more on Virmoda.com
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